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Section 375: Cast, Crew, Release date, Trailer Review

section 375 review

After movies like Damini and Pink, Bollywood is again going to have a courtroom drama based on rape cases and all the aspects associated with it. Starring Akshay Khanna and Richa Chaddha in the lead role as lawyers, the film is based on section 375, as goes its name, that is related to the consent of women in any kind of sexual activity.

Section 375 – Cast:

  • Akshaye Khanna – Criminal lawyer Tarun Saluja
  • Richa Chadda – Public prosecutor Hiral Mehta
  • Meera Chopra as Anjli Dangle
  • Rahul Bhat – Director Rohan Khurana
  • Kruttika Desai – Judge
  • Shriswara
  • Sandhya Mridul
  • Kumud Mishra
  • Tanuka Laghate – Meera Singh

Section 375 – Crew:

  • Director – Ajay Bahl
  • Producers – Kumar Mangat Pathak, Abhishek Pathak, SCIPL
  • Writer – Manish Gupta
  • Cinematographer – Sudhir K. Choudhary
  • Editor – Praveen Angre

More about Section 375:

  • The movie is a product of Panorama Studios and T-Series
  • The trailer of the movie was launched by T-series.
  • The credit of the songs of the movie goes to Prashant Pillai while the music score credit goes to Clinton Cerejo

Section 375 – Release date:

The movie Section 375 is will be out on the big screen on 13th September 2019.

Section 375 – Trailer Review:

In the trailer, we are shown that the movie is going to revolve around a rape case where a film director is in question due to an accusation of raping a costume assistant. Rich Chadda plays the role of the lawyer from the survivor’s side while Akshay Khanna stars as a defense lawyer of the accused.

The trailer shows a glimpse of the various aspects related to a rape case. We are shown how the police authorities bombard the rape survivor is with humiliating questions. How a defence lawyer manipulates things to save the culprit. The trailer also shows the support given to the survivor by the public.

Richa Chaddha and Akshay Khanna, both appear to have played their role well and it will be good to watch their courtroom arguments on the big screen.

Bollywood has shown many films based on a similar topic but this movie is different as it focuses on showing how the defense lawyer tries to prove the victim guilty of misusing her rights.

The trailer is full of heart touching, effective dialogues. This has raised our hopes of getting the same from the movie as well. Akshay Khanna has delivered some really good dialogues. Two of the most catchy ones are: ” We are in the business of law, not in the business of justice”. The other is “This case is a classic example of a woman, using as a weapon, the very law that was made to protect her”. We hope many more of these from the movie.

Being based on an emotional concept, the movie is expected to get a good number of audience.

The trailer of Section 375 was too straight forward. It has clearly revealed almost everything that is going to happen in the movie. There is no element of suspense left. The entire feel, emotion, concept, background and everything about the movie are out.

However, in spite of spilling everything out, the trailer has done its job to put in the audience’s mind an urge to watch this courtroom drama on the big screen.

The trailer has made an impression that the movie has not taken the audience lightly and we hope to see the movie doing well on the big screen.

Happy watching.



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