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Jaat naa puchho prem ki

Jaat Na Puchho Prem Ki: Casteism and honor killing is one such prevailing curse in Indian society that requires immediate attention and awareness.

Though practices are highly criticized in today’s time there is no denying that the society is still not ready to accept changes and inter-caste marriage seems like something that will require ages to be treated as normal.

The condition of belonging to the same caste is something that goes without saying in matters like marriage alliance.

Entertainment industry holds in itself the power of spreading messages and let people know the present scenario.

The Hindi serial ‘Jaat Na Puchho Ki’ is a welcome initiative by the &TV to challenge this prevailing practice and to spread awareness against such orthodox outlooks.

The main story of the serial revolves around two lovers who happen to be of different castes. The serial is all about the odds they face because of living in a society where inter-caste marriage is not at all accepted and even honor killing is not uncommon.

The serial streamed its first episode on Tuesday, 18th June 2019 and it is aired on &TV at 8 PM from Monday to Tuesday.

Jaat Na Puchho Prem Ki Promo

Jaat Na Puchho Prem Ki Cast :

  • Pranali Rathod – Suman
  • Kinshuk Vaidya – Badal
  • Sai Ballal – Pujan
  • Sanjay Sonu
  • Anuradha Singh

More about Jaat Na Puccho Prem Ki  :

Jaat Na Puchho Prem Ki is the TV adaptation of the southern blockbuster 'Sairat' which had a similar story. It is worth mentioning that very recently, a Bollywood remake of Sairat, ‘Dhadak’ was also released which was the debut film of Jhanvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar.

It is debut show of Pranali Rathod in TV industries where she pairs with a popular face of on TV, Kinshu Vaidya.

The serial has a song which is a Hindi remake of the song ‘Sairat Jaala Li’ that will serve as the title track of the show.

The title track is sung by Yasser Desai and Aishwarya pandit

The joint production of Shakia Telefilms and Cockcrow Entertainment, the Hindi drama cum love story was started on 18th June and has aired 4 episodes till date.

Jaat Na Puchho Prem Ki story till now :

Jaat Na Puchho Prem Ki being the tv adaptation of Sairat and has the background of a small town Raunakpur in eastern Uttar Pradesh. The show is a story of two lovers who belong to different castes and are unaware of the problems they might have to face due to this caste difference. Badal is shown as a sensible, serious, mature and thoughtful character while Suman, on the contrary, is a bubbly, confident, fun loving girl who is rarely afraid of anyone.

Badal and Suman are college mates and are deeply in love with each other. The major issue in their love story is that Suman belongs to a rich Brahmin family while Badal is a member of a lower caste society which is not treated fare in their hometown.

Suman’s father, Pujan is another checkpoint in their love story. Pujan is a professor by profession but is also involved in various political activities in the town.

He has a very strong prejudice against lower castes and has always been unfair to people belonging to Badal’s caste. He is also intolerant to inter-caste relations and is a supporter of honor killing. He is also strongly against western culture.

The serial in its first episode begins with a college play based on Heer and Ranjha. Badal is introduced in the first episode playing the role of Ranjha.

His partner in the play, Heer is missing and everyone is worried about the female lead while Badal is sure that her Heer will arrive on time. Suman is introduced in the show dressed as Heer. Her very introduction shows her bubbly and bold character.

In the play, Suman modifies her dialogue without informing anyone though she is told that she is reciting wrong dialogues.

She does as she pleases and feels right and is quite bold in putting her point. Though the changes brought by Suman in the script are loved by the audience, Badal gets furious on her.

After the play, Suman and Badal spend some good time together while we are introduced to Pujan, Suman’s father who is a professor by profession.

Pujan carries a gun to his class and when asked by a student about the gun, he tells that teaching is his passion while the gun is his profession and necessity.

Pujan’s dominance is shown by this how he does everything according to his own will and is hardly concerned about the rules. His intolerance towards inter caste alliances and insensitivity towards honor killing is also shown in the first episode itself.

The second begins the valentine day celebration is Banaras and Puajn’s intolerance to western culture is made clear.

Also, Pujan’s family hatred for lower caste is also shown in veneration at a temple when a beggar accidentally touches Suman’s aunt and she slaps him. Later, Suman and Badal argue in a class debate over a topic.

In the next episode, Badal’s father is ousted from his job because Pujan’s hatred for his caste and Pujan is very satisfied with his deed. Meanwhile, Badal prepares for Suman’s birthday and visits her hostel at midnight to surprise her.

The fourth episode begins with Suman’s birthday celebration with her friends while Pujan talks about Suman’s marriage proposal to the family. In the latest episode, Pujan is interviewed for his views on a case of honor killing. Suman sees this interview and gets worried about knowing her father’s thoughts on inter-caste relations and honor killing.

Jaat Na Puchho Prem Ki upcoming episode 

In the serial’s upcoming episode, Suman and Badal decide to get married the next morning. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next in the story. Whether Suman and Badal get married and if do what will be the consequence?

Happy Watching.

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