City of Dreams- Dream or Nightmare?


City of Dreams

Director - Nagesh Kukunoor

Cast - Priya Bapat, Siddharth Chandekar, Atul Kulkarni, Eijaz Khan

Trailer- City of Dreams

First episode date- 3rd May, 2019

No. of episodes- 10

Rating- 4/5

Mayanagari- City of Dreams is a web series introduced by Hotstar in its new Hotstar Specials category. It is an Indian series directed by Nagesh Kukunoor. It is of the mystery, crime and thriller genre, a perfect suspense story that is sure to keep you hooked till the very end.

This second Hotstsar Special is a political drama consisting of greed, power, cruelty and backstabbing; something which is there in almost all such dramas. However, the way the story was narrated or shown is what makes this different.

When a prominent political figure of Mumbai and the patriarch of the GaekwadSamrajya (Amay Rao Gaekwad) is assassinated in his in broad daylight by a few goons who ride up alongside him, several different lives get entangled with each other.

Even though Gaekwad tries to hide after sensing the incoming danger while his so-called bodyguard fumbles with his gun (who keeps such bodyguards who are not in action when required?), he does not succeed in protecting himself.

Thus starts the feud between the members of the Gaekwad family in search of power, money and all the luxuries that life has to offer.

While focusing on politics, the City of Dreams also shows the current gender problem going on in our country. While guys think that all should be handed over to them in a silver spoon, girls have to sometimes work for it.

However, I am not saying that this is the case for all. After Gaekwad's death, we are faced with a question.

Who's going to handle the familial business?

The hotheaded son (Ashish Gaekwad) or the calm and composed daughter (Poornima Rao Gaekwad)?

Just because he is the son, Asish expects the family business to automatically turn over to him like his father had wanted but Poornima is asked to be the face of the family in times of such crisis.

Even the Poornima was better qualified to be the successor to her father's political empire, Amay Rao had always favoured his son and taught him the ropes. As a result, Poornima had crushed her hopes and dreams for her father and had settled for a not-so-thrilling domestic life.

Even though she had distanced herself from her family and the business, it cannot be denied that the series shows her interest and the thrill she gets from the real-life political drama.

The plot of the series is filled with suspense as suspicion hovers over almost every character. It could be anyone who had shot Amay Rao. Anyone who benefits from his death is viewed as a killer. The chase to catch the killer continues as the audience keeps on guessing and failing.

Ultimately the mastermind behind the shooting is revealed after an intriguing chase. Even though the episodes are 50 minutes long, you don't get to feel the time. The episode just finishes in a flash and you find yourself reaching for the button to watch the next episode.

The characters are fabulous and relatable. All the actors have played their role to perfection. The acting makes the series all the more realistic and interesting. The way the actors portrayed their characters was simply worth mentioning.

All in all, City of Dreams is a nicely scripted, fast-paced political thriller which merges different plots at the end of 10 episodes. The way the writers have written the script is simply awesome as the show keeps the audience on the edge of their seats thinking and debating.

The story ends on a surprising cliffhanger which oozes the promise of a fantastic Season 2. So overall if you ask me whether the City of Dreams was a dream or a nightmare, I would definitely say that it was a dream.

What do you think? Is City of Dreams a Dream or a Nightmare for you?