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Devi 2 trailer

Devi 2 Review: Many films in the recent past which were billed as 'horror-comedy' were devoid of both the elements - Vijay's Devi 2 is the latest to join the bandwagon. The first part which had Tamannaah and Prabhu Deva in good form is wasted here, thanks to mediocre writing. Contrary to the prequel, Devi 2 has Krishna (Prabhu Deva) possessed by two spirits, while his wife Devi (Tamannaah) has a tough time dealing with it with the help of a friend (Kovai Sarala). How Devi resorts to various ways to save her husband and their family life is narrated in a dull manner. The story, this time, is set in the backdrop of Mauritius for an unconvincing reason and many scenes appear staged and unreal.

The parallel tracks involving Nandita and Dimple do not leave any impact and the mash-up of scenes from other films in a crucial scene shows a dearth of originality. Sonu Sood and RJ Balaji make brief and ineffective appearances, and Kovai Sarala does what she does in most of the films. The songs do not add any value to the film, and the conflicts and antagonists are poorly written. A half-baked story with a decent star cast with good potential is let down due to lack of interest which is evident throughout. Overall, Devi 2 joins the long list of unimpressive sequels in Kollywood.


Devi 2 is a horror comedy Kollywood film in the Tamil language directed by the immensely talented A.L Vijay who is known for his several critically acclaimed works and big-budget films like Thaandavam. Featuring one of the most eminent and multi-talented Prabhu Deva and the porcelain beauty Tamannah, the film seems to offer a full dose of entertainment.

The movie is a sequel to the hit 2016 movie of the same genre “Devi”, in which the husband and wife, Krishna and Devil, played by Prabhu Deva and Tamannah respectively were troubled by a stubborn ghost who was a challenge to get rid of. This time, another ghost, Alex joins Ruby to the tournament the life of the couple.

Devi 2 Summary:

Director: A.L Vijay
Producer: K. Ganesh, R. Ravindran
Writer A.L Vijay, Satya
Production GV Films, Trident Arts
Music: Sam C. S.
Cinematography: Ayananka Bose
Editor: Anthony
Language: Tamil, Telegu
Budget: Not announced yet
Release Date: 31 May 2019
Box Office Collection: 63.29 lakh (First Day)

Devi 2 Trailer Review:

Devi 2 trailer

The official trailer of Devi 2 was released on 16th May 2019, on YouTube and has gained a lot of appreciation from fans since then, garnering a whopping 2.3 million views. The 2016 prequel “Devi” had already set the bar high as it was one of the big commercial hits and one hell of a solid entertainment package with a unique combination of genres of comedy and horror.

With the release of the trailer, it appears that the movie will likely live up to our expectations, as it is very fascinating and intriguing and has induced a lot of anticipation among its fans. The trailer reveals enough to awake our anticipation but leaves a lot of mysteries to retain the curiosity of the viewers. The cast is very similar to the 2016 movie, including the lead actors, featuring Prabhu Deva as Krishna and Tamannah as Devi.

At the beginning of the trailer, a homely, saree clad Devi is looking at her husband and thinking to herself while Krishna reveals that he is contacted by the wandering stubborn spirit Ruby.  A number of hilarious comic scenes follow where Krishna is seen hugging multiple girls comically and gives silly excuses to Devi. Devi apparently sets up a girl with her husband and is infuriated when interrupted by a man. The comic timing of the actors is worthy of praise.

By the middle of the trailer, it is revealed that Krishna is possessed by not only one but two different spirits. Devi watches in horror as the two spirits mess up her life. Prabhu Deva delivers great action scenes while the funky and fun music is complemented by the absolutely mesmerizing looks of Tamannah. However, the VFX feels a bit off and could have been better.

Overall, the movie is a whole entertainment package containing all sorts of elements of comedy, romance, action and horror and something you might want to watch with the family. If you love a good dose of laughter and don’t necessarily expect realism, go for it!

Devi 2 Cast:

Lead Roles:

  • Prabhu Deva:
  • Tamannah Bhatia:

Supporting Roles:

  • Nandita Swetha
  • Kovai Sarala
  • Dimple Hayathi

Guest Appearances:

  • Sonu Sood
  • Manush Nandan

Devi Part 1:

Krishna wanted to marry a modern girl but gets married to a village girl, Devi because of his father and gets stuck in a marriage with a girl he despises.  He shifts with his wife to a new house but after moving is taken by surprise to see Devi's personality change.

She suddenly wants to become an actress and wants to go to a film festival. Krishna takes her unwillingly and she behaves strangely and dances and calls herself Ruby. Krishna learns that the house was owned in the past by an actress who was supposed to debut with Raj Khanna but was replaced which made her commit suicide in that house and the ghost of Ruby has possessed her.

Ruby gets an acting offer for the third sequel of the film Revolver Raja with Raj Khanna and Krishna is compelled to let her attend all the rehearsals eventually making a deal with Ruby to end it after one movie.

But Ruby betrays him, so he tries to expose her in a press conference, she faints and is taken to the hospital where the doctor says she’s pregnant. Krishna begs Ruby to leave and she obeys. After a few years, Krishna and Devi are living happily but Krishna gets possessed by Ruby.

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Devi 2 Songs:

1. Ready Ready

2. Chal Maar

3. Sokkura Penne

4. Love, Love Me

Devi 2 Trailer and Teaser:

The trailer is mesmerizing and refreshing to watch and so is the teaser, giving us an appropriate sneak peek. The actors deliver stellar performances and nothing is lame about both the teaser and the trailer.




Devi 2 Release Date:

31st May 2019

Devi 2 Poster:

Devi 2 poster

Devi 2 Photos:


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