Comicstaan 2 Review, List of Judges, Release Date and More

Comicstaan 2 Review

Comicstaan 2 is a stand-up comedy competition streamed on Amazon Prime Video. It includes the seven most talented comedians of India who mentor the upcoming comedians to select the next best which obviously means the funniest comic sensation of India.

The first season of the Comicstaan was quite a success with determined and talented judges and some great contestants who kept the audience hooked on to the show. However, this time Sapan Verma and Naveen Richard are not included among the judges while Zakir Khan has been included in the panel of judges.

Critics Rating: 3.5/5

Rules of the Contest:

Auditions are usually taken in the form of open-mic whose videos are viewed by the judges who make the final decision on the selection of the candidates. The concept of the show is unique because it doesn't have any elimination until the last round. In each round, the contestants are required to perform in a different genre of comedy. The genres of comics include topical, observational, sketch, alternative and anecdotal.

They are given scores by the audience and the judges out of 10 and also given descriptive feedback by the judges highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, pros and cons of the performances so that they can improve the next time. Each contestant gets two scores for each performance, one of the judges and another of the audiences.

The mean of the two scores is taken as the final score of the contestant. In the grand finale, the top five contestants have to perform in any of the genre they want or a combination of any number of genres. They are given scores and based on the score of that very round, the winner has to be selected.

List of Judges:

  • Vishwa Kalyan Rath
  • Kenny Sebastian
  • Kaneez surka
  • Neeti Patla
  • Sumukhi Suresh
  • Kanan gill
  • Zakir Khan.

Comicstaan 2 Review:

This time the lineup of the judges seems to comprise of the most popular and talented comedians in India at the moment and includes Vishwa Kalyan Rath, Kenny Sebastian, Kaneez surka, Neeti Patla, Sumukhi Suresh, Kanan gill and Zakir Khan.

Now the purpose of a comedy show is obviously pretty clear which is basically to make people laugh out loud and the success of such a show is clearly reflected in the reaction of its audience. If they are laughing then it's clearly a successful attempt. The louder, the laugher, the better is the show.

The contestants are more like raw talents which need some training and mentoring to be sharpened into true sensations. After seeing the first few episodes, it can be said that the contestants this time appear to be quite promising and some of them delivering great performances and creating good humour among the audience.

However, most of them are very new and need some mentoring and practice to become better. It will take some time for the episodes to get more interesting as the contestants become more acquainted with their work. The order of presenting the contestants seem to have been planned out well by the makers, as the weaker performances when delivered earlier in the show while the better performances were delivered later on.

It can become a little boring for the audience who will watch the show for the first time. If they see a mediocre performance, in the beginning, they might get a bad first impression of the show and not want to finish it and not get to see the better ones. So the order of the performances could have been different.

They could have put some good performances in between the mediocre ones instead of lining them in a steadily increasing order. However, building up the expectations of an audience can also be a good move as the audience will want to watch more episodes with more curiosity as they observe the show improving.

The way of feedback from the judges also sounds quite similar to any other reality show of dance or music just with a little less drama added. However, overall it is still a quite promising and fun show. If you do not have very high expectations, you can surely be amazed at the development of the acts of the contestants over the episodes.

Comicstaan Season 1 :

The Comicstaan was produced by Only Much Louder. It was a nine-episode series in which ten contestants completed for getting the top spot in the contest. The panel of the judges included the talented and eminent comic performers including Vishwa Kalyan Rath, Sapan Verma, Kaneez Surka, Kanan Gill, Tanmay Bhat, Kenny Sebastian and Naveen Richard.

The host of the show was Sumukhi Suresh and Abish Mathew. It became the most-watched show on the Amazon Video. The grand finale was premiere on August 17 last year in which the top five contestants performed in the Royal Opera House in Mumbai. Nishant Suri was declared the winner of the contest and won prize money of 10 lakh rupees.

Comicstaan 2 Teaser and Trailer:

For getting a sneak peek into what the show has to offer, take a look at the teaser and trailer





Comicstaan 2 Release Date:

12 July 2019


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