Riverdale- A Netflix Original, Episode, Cast, Updates (July 2019)


Name- Riverdale

Type- T.V. Series

Creator- Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Cast- KJ Apa, Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse

No. of Seasons- 3 (as of 15th May 2019)

No. of episodes- 57 (as of 15th May 2019)

Rating- 4/5

Riverdale is the latest comic book adaptation of CW which starts with a voiceover promising, "Our story is about a town, a small town, and the people who live in the town".

It is the story of four friends Archie, Betty, Jughead and Veronica and how they navigate through their lives trying to overcome all the negativities which include jealousy, fear, backstabbing and yes murder.

When a fellow student (Jason Bloom) is murdered all hell breaks loose in the quiet town of Riverdale. The first episode shows the town of Riverdale and how Cheryl Bloom reacts to her brother Jason Bloom's disappearance  (which is later proved to be murder).

While Cheryl completely breaks down on hearing the news of her brother's death, the four friends along with a few others try to find out the real person behind the killing, while braving all types of difficulties thrown their way.

Along with the suspense of who killed the Jason, there's the usual teenage drama associated with a high school. As the characters learn the truth about their friends and neighbours, it becomes clear that this seemingly idyllic community holds dark secrets, tinged with taboo sex and violence.

The different types of characters show the variety of types of people one finds in a high school. The high school jock with a hidden aspiration, the next-door girl neighbour, the resident gay friend, the wealthy queen-bee, etc. It has all the ingredients required to make a fantastic mystery as well as a high school drama.

The plot of Riverdale is not at all predictable. It's far from that. From guessing who killed Jason Bloom to who is the real Black Hood, the audience is likely to be surprised due to all the unexpected twists and turns.

The script seemed nicely written and was executed almost to perfection. However, the one thing I did not like about the show is that everyone dates everyone at least once.

Why can't a boy and a girl be just friends in the series I have no idea. In this generation friendship between a boy and a girl is not supposed to turn romantic every time. The writers should have taken time to show that instead of showing a romantic relationship between almost every boy and girl character.

The characters too have tried their best to do justice to their roles. They have tried to make it relatable by portraying emotions to their very best. However, they are nothing like their comic counterparts except for maybe Archie and Betty.

Archie is still the typical high school kid who's trying to juggle all the thing in his life and maintain a proper academic result.

Even though there are a few complex characters like Betty's mom and sister (who's sent to a farm because she had gotten pregnant in high school) there are other characters who are much more relatable and easy-going than them.

Overall, Riverdale is a good watch for all teenagers. It has the perfect ingredients for a TV show loved by this generation.

I especially like it because it mixed up two of the genres I prefer- mystery and romance (though it has more of mystery and adventure with a sprinkle of romance). I would definitely suggest this series to all.


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