Vivo Pro Kabaddi League 2019: Match Time, venues, Teams, Players

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Get geared up for the biggest Kabaddi event of India, the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League which begins on 20th July. The opening day matches will be held at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad.

The opening match will be held between Telugu Titans and U Mumba at 8:00 p.m., which is followed by the next match between Bengaluru Bulls and Patna Pirates at 9:00 p.m. To get the full list of match timings and venues, visit the official site of Pro Kabaddi,

One of the most popular contact sports which originated in ancient India, Kabbadi has now become much more than a pastime activity for children. It has become one of the professional sports in India which is played by professionally trained teams.

Making Kabbadi a profession has been made possible only because of massive publicity through tournaments and leagues. It is the Pro Kabaddi league which helped the ancient game gain wide recognition in modern times and developed a craze among the new generation for the game.

This season of Pro-Kabaddi has some new stuff in the store. New coaches, Anup Kumar for Puneri Paltan and Rakesh Kumar for Haryana Steelers will get on the mat. The top Kabaddi stars from the previous seasons, Siddharth Desai, Rahul Chaudhary, Ajay Thakur and many more seem to be perfectly ready to take the new season by storm.

VIVO Pro Kabaddi Match tTming

Hyderabad Leg

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
20-Jul-2019SaturdayTelugu Titans vs U Mumba19:30
20-Jul-2019SaturdayBengaluru Bulls vs Patna Pirates20:30
21-Jul-2019SundayBengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
21-Jul-2019SundayTelugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas20:30
22-Jul-2019MondayU Mumba vs Jaipur Pink Panthers19:30
22-Jul-2019MondayPuneri Paltan vs Haryana Steelers20:30
24-Jul-2019WednesdayUP Yoddha vs Bengal Warriors19:30
24-Jul-2019WednesdayTelugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi K.C.20:30
25-Jul-2019ThursdayDabang Delhi K.C. vs Tamil Thalaivas19:30
26-Jul-2019FridayUP Yoddha vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
26-Jul-2019FridayTelugu Titans vs Patna Pirates20:30

Mumbai Leg

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
27-Jul-2019SaturdayU Mumba vs Puneri Paltan19:30
27-Jul-2019SaturdayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengal Warriors20:30
28-Jul-2019SundayDabang Delhi K.C. vs Haryana Steelers19:30
28-Jul-2019SundayU Mumba vs Bengaluru Bulls20:30
29-Jul-2019MondayTamil Thalaivas vs Patna Pirates19:30
29-Jul-2019MondayBengal Warriors vs Puneri Paltan20:30
31-Jul-2019WednesdayHaryana Steelers vs Jaipur Pink Panthers19:30
31-Jul-2019WednesdayU Mumba vs UP Yoddha20:30
1-Aug-2019ThursdayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Dabang Delhi K.C.19:30
2-Aug-2019FridayTelugu Titans vs UP Yoddha19:30
2-Aug-2019FridayU Mumba vs Gujarat Fortune Giants20:30

Patna Leg

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
3-Aug-2019SaturdayPatna Pirates vs Jaipur Pink Panthers19:30
3-Aug-2019SaturdayBengal Warriors vs Bengaluru Bulls20:30
4-Aug-2019SundayHaryana Steelers vs Tamil Thalaivas19:30
4-Aug-2019SundayPatna Pirates vs Puneri Paltan20:30
5-Aug-2019MondayDabang Delhi K.C. vs Japir Pink Panthers19:30
5-Aug-2019MondayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Puneri Paltan20:30
7-Aug-2019WednesdayUP Yoddha vs Tamil Thalaivas19:30
7-Aug-2019WednesdayPatna Pirates vs Haryana Steelers20:30
8-Aug-2019ThursdayTelugu Titans vs Bengaluru Bulls19:30
9-Aug-2019FridayBengal Warriors vs U Mumba19:30
9-Aug-2019FridayPatna Pirates vs UP Yoddha20:30

Ahmedabad Leg

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
10-Aug-2019SaturdayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Tamil Thalaivas19:30
10-Aug-2019SaturdayPuneri Paltan vs Dabang Delhi K.C.20:30
11-Aug-2019SundayBengaluru Bulls vs Haryana Steelers19:30
11-Aug-2019SundayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Telugu Titans20:30
12-Aug-2019MondayBengal Warriors vs Telugu Titans19:30
12-Aug-2019MondayUP Yoddha vs Bengaluru Bulls20:30
14-Aug-2019WednesdayUP Yoddha vs Haryana Steelers19:30
14-Aug-2019WednesdayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Bengal Warriors20:30
15-Aug-2019ThursdayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri Paltan19:30
16-Aug-2019FridayU Mumba vs Patna Pirates19:30
16-Aug-2019FridayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Jaipur Pink Panthers20:30

Chennai Leg

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
17-Aug-2019SaturdayTamil Thalaivas vs Bengaluru Bulls19:30
17-Aug-2019SaturdayBengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi K.C.20:30
18-Aug-2019SundayHaryana Steelers vs Telugu Titans19:30
18-Aug-2019SundayTamil Thalaivas vs Puneri Paltan20:30
19-Aug-2019MondayU Mumba vs Haryana Steelers19:30
19-Aug-2019MondayUP Yoddha vs Jaipur Pink Panthers20:30
21-Aug-2019WednesdayPuneri Paltan vs Bengaluru Bulls19:30
21-Aug-2019WednesdayTamil Thalaivas vs Jaipur Pink Panthers20:30
22-Aug-2019ThursdayBengal Warriors vs Patna Pirates19:30
23-Aug-2019FridayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Patna Pirates19:30
23-Aug-2019FridayTamil Thalaivas vs U Mumba20:30

Delhi Leg

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
24-Aug-2019SaturdayDabang Delhi K.C. vs Bengaluru Bulls19:30
24-Aug-2019SaturdayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Telugu Titans20:30
25-Aug-2019SundayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengaluru Bulls19:30
25-Aug-2019SundayDabang Delhi K.C. vs UP Yoddha20:30
26-Aug-2019MondayBengal Warriors vs Haryana Steelers19:30
26-Aug-2019MondayUP Yoddha vs Puneri Paltan20:30
28-Aug-2019WednesdayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Haryana Steelers19:30
28-Aug-2019WednesdayDabang Delhi K.C. vs U Mumba20:30
29-Aug-2019ThursdayBengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas19:30
30-Aug-2019FridayTelugu Titans vs Puneri Paltan19:30
30-Aug-2019FridayDabang Delhi K.C. vs Patna Pirates20:30

Bengaluru Leg

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
31-Aug-2019SaturdayBengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
31-Aug-2019SaturdayU Mumba vs Jaipur Pink Panthers20:30
1-Sep-2019SundayUP Yoddha vs Bengal Warriors19:30
1-Sep-2019SundayBengaluru Bulls vs Tamil Thaliavas20:30
2-Sep-2019MondayPuneri Paltan vs Haryana Steelers19:30
2-Sep-2019MondayTelugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas20:30
4-Sep-2019WednesdayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Dabang Delhi K.C.19:30
4-Sep-2019WednesdayBengaluru Bulls vs Patna Pirates20:30
5-Sep-2019ThursdayPuneri Paltan vs U Mumba19:30
6-Sep-2019FridayPatna Pirates vs UP Yoddha19:30
6-Sep-2019FridayBengaluru Bulls vs Telugu Titans20:30

Kolkata Leg

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
7-Sep-2019SaturdayBengal Warriors vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
7-Sep-2019SaturdayDabang Delhi K.C. vs Haryana Steelers20:30
8-Sep-2019SundayDabang Delhi K.C. vs Tamil Thalaivas19:30
8-Sep-2019SundayBengal Warrios vs Puneri Paltan20:30
9-Sep-2019MondayUP Yoddha vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
9-Sep-2019MondayTamil Thalaivas vs Patna Pirates20:30
11-Sep-2019WednesdayHaryana Steelers vs Jaipur Pink Panthers19:30
11-Sep-2019WednesdayBengal Warriors vs U Mumba20:30
12-Sep-2019ThursdayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Patna Pirates19:30
13-Sep-2019FridayTelugu Titans vs U Mumba19:30
13-Sep-2019FridayBengal Warriors vs Bengaluru Bulls20:30

Pune Leg

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
14-Sep-2019SaturdayPuneri Paltan vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
14-Sep-2019SaturdayTamil Thalaivas vs Haryana Steelers20:30
15-Sep-2019SundayDabang Delhi K.C. vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
15-Sep-2019SundayPuneri Paltan vs Patna Pirates20:30
16-Sep-2019MondayJaipur Pink Panthers vs UP Yoddha19:30
16-Sep-2019MondayTelugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi K.C.20:30
18-Sep-2019WednesdayU Mumba vs UP Yoddha19:30
18-Sep-2019WednesdayPuneri Paltan vs Tamil Thalaivas20:30
19-Sep-2019ThursdayBengal Warriors vs Haryana Steelers19:30
20-Sep-2019FridayTelugu Titans vs Patna Pirates19:30
20-Sep-2019FridayPuneri Paltan vs Bengaluru Bulls20:30

Jaipur Leg

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
21-Sep-2019SaturdayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
21-Sep-2019SaturdayUP Yoddha vs Tamil Thalaivas20:30
22-Sep-2019SundayU Mumba vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
22-Sep-2019SundayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengal Warriors20:30
23-Sep-2019MondayPatna Pirates vs Haryana Steelers19:30
23-Sep-2019MondayDabang Delhi K.C. vs Bengaluru Bulls20:30
25-Sep-2019WednesdayTelugu Titans vs Bengal Warriors19:30
25-Sep-2019WednesdayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri Paltan20:30
26-Sep-2019ThursdayPatna Pirates vs Dabang Delhi K.C.19:30
27-Sep-2019FridayU Mumba vs Bengaluru Bulls19:30
27-Sep-2019FridayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Telugu Titans20:30

Panchakula Leg

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
28-Sep-2019SaturdayHaryana Steelers vs UP Yoddha19:30
28-Sep-2019SaturdayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Tamil Thalaivas20:30
29-Sep-2019SundayPuneri Paltan vs Dabang Delhi K.C.19:30
29-Sep-2019SundayHaryana Steelers vs Gujarat Fortune Giants20:30
30-Sep-2019MondayBengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi K.C.19:30
30-Sep-2019MondayTamil Thalaivas vs U Mumba20:30
2-Oct-2019WednesdayU Mumba vs Patna Pirates19:30
2-Oct-2019WednesdayHaryana Steelers vs Bengaluru Bulls20:30
3-Oct-2019ThursdayTelugu Titans vs Puneri Paltan19:30
4-Oct-2019FridayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengaluru Bulls19:30
4-Oct-2019FridayHaryana Steeler vs Telugu Titans20:30

Greater Noida Leg

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
5-Oct-2019SaturdayUP Yoddha vs Dabang Delhi K.C.19:30
5-Oct-2019SaturdayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Patna Pirates20:30
6-Oct-2019SundayBengal Warriors vs Patna Pirates19:30
6-Oct-2019SundayUP Yoddha vs Puneri Paltan20:30
7-Oct-2019MondayTelugu Titans vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
7-Oct-2019MondayTamil Thalaivas vs Jaipur Pink Panthers20:30
9-Oct-2019WednesdayBengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas19:30
9-Oct-2019WednesdayUP Yoddha vs Telugu Titans20:30
10-Oct-2019ThursdayU Mumba vs Haryana Steelers19:30
11-Oct-2019FridayDabang Delhi K.C. vs U Mumba19:30
11-Oct-2019FridayUP Yoddha vs Bengaluru Bulls20:30

PKL Playoffs

14-Oct-2019MondayLeague Rank 3 vs League Rank 6Eliminator 1
14-Oct-2019MondayLeague Rank 4 vs League Rank 5Eliminator 2
16-Oct-2019WednesdayLeague Rank 1 vs Winner Eliminator 1Semifinal 1
16-Oct-2019WednesdayLeague Rank 2 vs Winner Eliminator 2Semifinal 2
19-Oct-2019SaturdayWinner SF 1 vs Winner SF 2Finals

Pro Kabaddi League 2019 List of Teams:

  • Bengaluru Bulls
  • Bengal Warriors
  • Dabang Delhi KC.
  • Gujarat Fortunegiants
  • Haryana Steelers
  • Patna Pirates
  • Jaipur Pink Panthers
  • Puneri Paltan
  • Tamil Thalaivas
  • Telugu Titans
  • U Mumba
  • UP Yoddha

Pro Kabaddi League 2019 Rules:

  • There are 12 teams which are divided into two zones each of 6 teams. Each team has to play a total of 22 matches in the lead.
  • Each team from the same zone has to play against the other team three times which adds up to 15 matches in the zone.
  • Then each team has to play 6 more matches against the team of the other zones. Each team has to play each other team from the others own ones. The inter-zonal matches will be held on three different weeks, which are called the Interzone challenge weeks.
  • One wild card match is also played by each of the teams in an Interzone match in the last week. Selection is done by a random midseason draw. This adds up to 22 matches in the leech.
  • The top three teams are selected from each zones for playing the finals and selection of the winning team is based on the score of the final matches.

How popular is Kabaddi?

In many states of India, it is the official game like Punjab, Bihar, Maharashtra, Telangana and Tamilnadu. It is also the national game of Bangladesh and Nepal. In these countries, the game is given enormous importance due to which it is also taught in all public schools.

It is also quite popular in Iran and other parts of the world in which Indian and Pakistani people live. In the UK, the sport is governed by the England Kabaddi Federation, UK. The game and its rules are overseen by a governing body which consists of 30 different countries and is called the International Kabaddi Federation.

Rules of Kabaddi:

  • Each team consists of 12 players and only 7 is present on the field at a time.
  • The officials looking after the match consists of a scorer, two assistant scorers, referee and two umpires.
  • Each match has a duration of 40 minutes with two halves of 20 minutes each and 5 minutes of break time in between.
  • A coin toss decides which team shall have the choice to raid or not. In the second half, the team which did not get to raid at first will be raiding.
  • If the raider takes a breath, runs into the opposing team’s half and tags one or more than one member of the team and then return to their own half of the mat before inhaling, then the reader is awarded one point.
  • While trying to check the members of the opposite team the player has to keep on uttering “Kabaddi” to prove that he has not taken another breath. If the reader fails to do so then he must return to their own half and as a result, does not gets awarded any points while the opposite team gets one point.
  • The opposing team is defending and should stop the raiders from tagging them and returning to their own half. If a team successfully prevents the raider from returning to their own half after getting tagged then they can earn a point in defence. But there are certain rules to follow for touching the raiders. The raiders can only be grabbed by hands, legs or torso and not by the clothes or hairs and the opposing defenders should also not cross the centre line.
  • After the half time is over the team switches positions and the team which did not get the chance to raid at first will raid in the second half. The match will continue until time is over and the winner is the one with the most points.

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