Viral News: Mimi Chakraborty, Nusrat Jahan share pictures as first-time MPs on social media

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Ronita forgot to write something about herself.

Newly elected TMC MPs Mimi Chakraborty and Nusrat Jahan get trolled by netizens for wearing “improper” clothes and for “clicking pictures” in the Parliament. The harmless pictures which were captioned as “To new beginnings” soon became a matter of angst and sexism as trollers left obscene tweets and comments on their dress code.

We boast of nationalism, of a clean, sovereign India where each citizen will empower each other to get up and move forward. We try to dream of an India where each citizen exercises equal rights, be it male or female. So why did trollers troll the women of India who are exercising their right to be in the parliament?

The excitement and new hopes for the future were clearly visible on the faces of the Tollywood-actresses-turned-politicians who posed in front of the parliament with happy, glowing faces. What they were unaware of was, of a series of trolls which would be following next. Their beginnings turned into nightmares as they were subjected to trolls, memes, and slut-shaming by netizens.

Mimi and Nusrat took to social media to post a beautiful picture of them, holding joint IDs as they went in for the first time as State MPs.

“And its us again. First day at Parliament Nusrat Jahan”, tweeted Mimi on her twitter handle. Later on, Nusrat posted a similar photo of hers on Instagram tagging Mimi and captioning it as, ” To new beginnings” and later on went on to thank Mamata Banerjee and the people of Barishat, West Bengal.

It didn’t take long to leave comments and retweets on their pics like:

“Parliament is not a place for pornstar” – Kishor Majumder


“Hope future won’t be about poses n makeups rather serious development to area concerned!!” – Nikhil Nikks


“The parliament house is not a place for photoshoot. Concentrate on your work” – Khounish Mazumder


“This is exactly how a newly elected MP should NOT behave infront of the parliament. @mimichakraborty,you are a disgrace to the exalted office that you’ve been elected to. We hope you take note of the seriousness & start acting like an MP” – Ujjwal Pareek


The main reason for this troll was the indecent dress code. According to them, this dress code is not fit for parliament. The age-old picturization of a woman in a well adorned completely covered saree with a little part of the waist open to the public has stayed till now, even up to the 21st century. A harmless jeans-top can turn into slut-shaming and pornography. Girls, aren’t you ashamed of wearing them all the time? Why, of course, the girls at our home always wear sarees and pose in sarees, don’t they?

The dress code is improper for a politician. Shame on Nusrat and Mimi, the TMC MPs to not refer the handbook of dressing up sanskaari for a political meeting. Women are battling to get a seat in the elections ( and effectively winning in them too ), still, this cliched image of a woman has not ousted the minds of a chauvinistic man. This image is stuck and will still be stuck until these battlefront women give in to their woes and mold in, into their image.

This year, TMC- Trinamool Congress, led by a woman herself- Mamata Banerjee gave 14 out of 42 seats to the women of Bengal. From the time TMC chose Mimi and Nusrat to be the faces of Jadavpur and Barishat respectively, they have been subjected to incessant trolls and netizens calling them out to focus on their films and not politics. The dirtiness of these politics was exposed more when a group of people called the actresses ” famous for their breakups, and not acting ” on a public platform.

When both of them won, by a huge ( and probably the largest, according to sources ) margin of 3.50 lakh votes ( Jahan ) and 2.95 lakh votes ( Chakrobarty ), it acted like pouring oil to the already burning wildfire. The trolls made even after this didn’t mellow down the spirits of these young leaders. But then, they were immediately made into a meme and shamelessly circulated by the so-called intelligentsia people of Bengal because they didn’t look like a conventional politician.

Nusrat and Mimi should have asked them for their conventional politician handbook beforehand, so they could have referred and then contested for the elections. How careless of them to commit such a grave crime.

The trollers have probably been stuck up in a time machine all this time for they are still incorporating 18th-century traditions and beliefs. However, do remember this- these trollers are the same people who don’t give a single thought about an accused politician being a part of the parliament. They do not troll or criticize the measly crime of corrupted ministers. Why should they? They have not committed the “grave” crime of posing in front of the Parliament wearing Jeans and Top, right?

Amidst this, another man, namely Shashank Sharma took to share this picture-

Someone please go and tell Shashank, that this too is a picture taken in the Parliament. The only difference being, Mimi shows a brimming, gleaming-with-joy face, while Tejasvi Surya has a kneeled down pose, hence unable to decipher his face. Probably, Mimi should have kneeled instead of the victory sign. Shame on you, Mimi.

Both the actresses were impeccably dressed and were quite excited to go into political meetings for the first time. A harmless picture was clicked which set the internet on fire and triggered the netizens who back-fired a number of trolls and mean comments on their pose and style.

Not to forget that these trollers are the ones who go on lamenting on the absence of a woman leader like those on the Western front. Western people don’t troll or shamelessly backlash the leaders who come front with the courage to change the world, dear trollers.

These mansplaining notions which scrutinize every woman to remain in the clutches of the patronizing and the misogynist men of the country are the reason why women don’t feel safe to become the genX leaders.  As it turns out, they cannot have a simple tattoo too.

A message tweeted by Ram Gopal Verma, shows an old TikTok video of the two MPs. Whether his tone was sarcastic or judgemental, we are still at crossroads-

If incessantly bringing up the background, and judging one on the political experience is necessary then why isn’t anyone calling out or trolling Gautam Gambhir? Gambhir, like Nusrat and Mimi, is a newbie too. His clothing and looks should be judged too, like the actresses above. Trollers feel that a woman’s ability is always inversely proportional to her talents and abilities. If this is really the case, then why are these trollers taking a stance for the political phenomenon, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who makes political statements via her dressing sense?

MPs are very much accountable for what they do. But only till their activities affect the country adversely or advantageously. Not on the grounds on some silly criteria of dressing and posing. They are very much answerable to the citizens for their misdeeds. But for someone who has no prior experience in politics and is very much excited in bringing about a revolution- a change, is taking them down really that necessary?

If this is the situation of two newbies in the world of politics, one should be scared of what a regular working woman of our country goes through every day, day in and day out. Is she subjected to this harassment too? Instead of encouraging and emboldening these women who took a step out to lead, we are discrediting them just on a mere matter of their clothes? Can humanity fall any low? Mysteriously enough, these trolls never seize to harm any men even for a crime they committed. They are not discredited nor slut-shamed nor judged on their looks.

Seems like the prejudice and privilege of judging are only extended till the female community of India.

Probably if Nusrat and Mimi had adorned a crop top and a dupatta to cover the fact that they are wearing a crop top, and bowed on the stairs- then they would not have been this victimized. Troll them for their inability to do future work towards the nation ( if any ). Don’t judge their credibility to be a deserving member of the parliament on the basis of their dressing sense.

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