Pranaam Movie Download Leaked In HD 1080 on TamilRockers

pranaam movie download

Pranaam Movie Download: Rajeev Khandelwal, Atul Kulkarni and  Abhimanyu Singh starrer movie Pranaam movie released on this Friday (09th August). This has not got more attention from the audiences due to less promotion.

Pranaam movie gets leaked for download on Tamilrockers and many similar websites. Despite Madras High Court orders and various action taken against the notorious website, it refuses to slow down its pace of illegally uploading new films on its site. Not only the latest Indian and Hollywood releases, but the website has also begun uploading popular web series as well.

Tamilorockers is a torrent website uploads the pirated versions of Bollywood, Hollywood, Pollywood and movies from other industries on their site for HD download online.

The Website is illegal and IT Cell of India trying stops this website to stop piracy of movies but they are unable to stop these websites because Admin of Tamilrockers regularly changes the domain name with the new extension. This is why IT Cell is unable to stop these websites.


Ajay Singh is a simple, earnest and hard-working college-goer, who wants to work towards realising the dreams of his father. For that, Ajay keeps distractions of all kinds at bay. But, after a chance encounter with a local goon and scamster Gyanu Singh, who is notorious for his involvement with the disgraced Lucknow University's leaked question paper controversy, the once docile Ajay (aka Ajji) goes on a killing spree. While some call him a victim of circumstances, others show no mercy and are thirsty for his blood for reasons more than one.

Maker's of Pranaam movie tributed this movie to 80s era of cinema, but we were not cautioned about the fact that it is a sum total of what that period encapsulates.

Pranaam Movie Download

The movie is good and you can watch it in the theatre. Please do not Download Pranaam Movie from any piracy websites.


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