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Modi vs Wild: Modi to feature on Man vs Wild, PM Modi puts his survival skills to test

Modi vs Wild: Modi to feature on Man vs Wild

The latest promotional video released by Discovery Channel of one of their most popular shows, Man vs Wild, released on Monday, featured our very own Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in it. The video was shared on the popular social media platform, Twitter, by the discovery channel and the host of the show Bear Grylls.

The Congress on Monday asked Discovery Channel for details about when exactly it shot the episode of Man Vs Wild that features Prime Minister Narendra Modi, PTI reported.

The video is a 40-minute promo of the show which gives a sneak peek into the content of the episode featuring NaMo, where both of them are seen wandering through the Jim Corbett National Park. Bear Grylls describes the episode as “an epic adventure of a lifetime”. In it, he takes on extreme challenges as he travels around the remote location of the world, sharing exceedingly valuable survival strategies which can be useful if someone gets stuck in the wild.

Apparently, the motive behind Narendra Modi’s venture is to create awareness about Indian wildlife and animal conservation and draw attention to the problem of environmental change.

However, the Indians have gone crazy after the revelation and the forever humorous Twitterati has come up with lots of memes and jokes on the news.

Soon after the memes and jokes on the news got viral on all the other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The hashtag #Modiondiscovery started trending on Twitter and many users posted witty jokes about it.

Taking advantage of the situation, Kautuk Srivastava threw some political sarcasm on Twitter by writing, “If Bear Grylls really wanted to take Modi Ji to the uncomfortable environment, he should take him to a press conference.”

While a parody account on Jawaharlal Nehru wrote, “Is Mr Modi trying to compete with me? I wrote the discovery of India. He is shooting for Discovery India.”

On the other hand, the situation has become a good excuse for the opposition to who blame Modi again. According to them, Modi did not stop the shoot of the episode even after the Pulwama Attack which happened on February 14 this year and caused the death of 40 CRPF Jawans. Apparently, even hours after the Pulwama Attack, there was no response from Modi and his whereabouts were questioned furiously by the people.

It is said that he has been shooting for three hours even after the attack. Oppositions have been constantly criticizing him for not showing responsibility towards the welfare of his countrymen and for giving more importance to a public relations exercise in time of a critical situation within the country. This has again put the PM in controversy.

The episode will be aired on Discovery Channel, on 12th August at 9:00 p.m.

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About Man vs Wild: 

It is a survival television show which is aired on Discovery Channel, originating from the United Kingdom, hosted by Bear Grylls. In each episode, Bear Grylls is Sun stuck in a remote wild location where he makes tremendous efforts to survive in the wild and find his path back to human settlements while his full crew documents the whole journey. He usually stays overnight somewhere before being able to come back to civilization. On most of the episodes, he is seen in a wild forest, surviving on wild animals or fruits.