Man Tries To Troll IRCTC For 'vulgar Ads' On IRCTC APP


Around 8.30 pm a user named Anand Kumar complained to IRCTC that he is seeing "obscene and vulgar" pictures and ads on his profile on IRCTC site. He also reached to the higher authorities of the website. He also took this to twitter and posted several screenshots of his profile in IRCTC app and mentioned it was very irritating and embarrassing for him. He even tagged various twitter handles including the railway minister Piyush Goyal asking to look into the matter.

Then after tweeting about this picture,the response from IRCTC official was that IRCTC uses Googles ad serving tool ADX for showing ads on screen by using their user's browsing history and adviced Anand to clear cookis and history to enjoy a good experience from the app.  The reply tweet from irctc:

Cyber experts told that ads are shown on the preference selected by user by giving permision to the app to get info about browsing history. It might be that Anand had given permision to the app and was seeing such ads. It just took seconds for this tweet to go viral on the internet. Anand was trolled heavily by other users.

The irctc tweet got 7,300 likes and more than 3700 times retweet.Social media flooded with hillarious memes trolling Anand about his browser history.

One Twitter user said, "Best example of - You do it and then blame others for it," another user wrote, "Troll ultimate level."

One saying "IRCTC got no chill"

Though there was some user who was on the side of Anand saying privacy must be entertained but maximum people were trolling him about his search history.It is natural for anyone to search anything they want but here Anand tried to get help and so that others do nt face the same problem and it backfired him and got trolled heavily. Even some people trolled about his character. Some saying from now on he will stop watching vulgar pictures and even porn. Even if he watches will be watching in incognito mode.

Some memes and reply that circulated  in the Social media and trolled the irctc user heavily:

Some praising indian railways for its epic reply: