Kabir Singh aka Shahid kapoor setting example for his childrens

shahid kapoor

Shahid Kapoor is currently on a promotional spree as he is busy promoting his upcoming film 'Kabir Singh. Shahid Kapoor during the media interactions opened up about his role, the challenges he faced and much more.

When asked about how Shahid switched off and switched on from his intense character of Kabir Singh to be a family man like Shahid Kapoor.

The actor instantly replied to this. He said, "One and half hour of Mumbai traffic." On a serious note, he further explained, "I had no option but I had to shift my focus because Kabir Singh is a very intense character and I didn't want to bring that intensity back home.

I wanted to be a good dad to my kids when I am home as they are very small to understand it."

"In fact I was very concerned about taking up such role which is so intense and was thinking about whether it is the right time to take such kind of role now or no as when I did 'Udta Punjab' I was alone and there was no responsibility and I could be who I needed to be.

So whether to do this role or no was my biggest concern as the character which I am doing requires me to be indifferent head space and in personal life in a very different headspace.

That was something most challenging for me. Because I had to keep making that flip every day," he added.

When asked Shahid about whether his kids Misha and Zain has watched any of his film's trailers or teasers. Shahid like an experienced dad said, "They cannot watch anything more than 10 mins and unless it is something animated.

Zain is too small but Misha does understand and recognizes me and says 'this is papa!. "

On being asked whether his character does scare Misha. Shahid immediately replied, " Not as of now. weirdly, Misha actually finds it very exciting and says that is you.", "Today, only Misha came and asked me, 'Papa! today you are in the paper why weren't you there yesterday "?

Shahid Kapoor who is the son of a celebrated actor Pankaj Kapoor wants his kids to look up to him when they grow up.

Shahid was asked if his kids will become the major factor now for selecting the kinds of films and roles he does. He said, " Not at all, I am not that kind of an actor.

In the end, I have to be a good father in real life and I want to be an actor on a big screen. So if today I do only good films for them tomorrow when they will grow up and ask me whether something was wrong with me for doing only good films.

They will ask me, 'you doing films for children are you not an adult?."

Shahid went on to explain, "There are different phases in life. I have to explore myself as an actor. Eventually, that is what, your kids, if you want to live a legacy and have a dream of it.

They need to have that legacy once they turn adult. I should be a good example to them in real life as that's the person they relate to."

Kabir Singh is set to release on June 20 and the film is a remake of a South blockbuster Arjun reddy.

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