Barmer couple commits suicide, clicks pictures with pistols beforehand


Bramer, Rajasthan On June 13, two alleged lovers committed suicide. Shot themselves with country-made pistols, clicked pictures with the pistols and uploaded on social media. (WhatsApp) along with an audio clip saying “ no one should be bothered with the incident”.

The deceased, Shankar Chaudhary brother says “his brother called up before committing suicide to inform about the same and hung up.

He tried calling him back but, the cell was out of reach. The police found the deceased body later.

SP Rashi Dogra says the couple committed suicide by shooting themselves with a country-made pistol. According to the report, the deceased Anju Suthar has married about two months ago whereas the youth was unmarried.

Both the deceased were in an alleged affair before she got married and they continued the affair after her marriage whatsoever.

Reportedly, deceased Anju Suthar brothers accused the deceased youth Shankar Chaudhary by imposing the case of rape. He further adds. On June 12 Shanker came over his house took his sister on a bike and rode away far.

He also adds there were two more men involved in the rape crime. Whereas, the deceased Shankar’s father claims it was a suicide.

Besides, the empty beer bottle and pack of Cigarettes were spotted by the police. The couple was suspected of being in an inebriated condition before committing suicide. The investigation is still on the go. Meanwhile, the police have filed the case under murder and rape charges.

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