Wimbledon 2019: Latest Updates And News


Day 11 showed a spirited Djokovic holds off the Spanish challenge to reach the Wimbledon finals. On Sunday, Djokovic will be seeking his fifth title at Wimbledon and 16th Grand Slam singles crown. Known for his wiry and elastic genius-ness, he faced a tough challenge in the semifinal round against Roberto Bautista Agut with scores like 6-2, 4-6, 6-3, 6-2.

Earlier to Wimbledon, Djokovic had a rough start when he lost both his matches pitying against Spaniard, in Doha and Miami. However, with a 3-0 advantage on Serbs, he pushed himself onto a difficult proposition when he had to slam the best of 5 set affair by being victorious in all the four sets.

However, after his victorious win, Djokovic said "It is dream come true to be in another final. Regardless of my history and the many finals I have played here, it is always a different feeling to get to a Wimbledon final and I will enjoy the experience.”


Agut had always had a game up his sleeve. His game could ruffle Djokovic. However, his Spanish moves are baffled by his signature move of flatter stroke. His game could not have been comprehended easily. Still, Djokovic emerged successful in understanding his authenticity and game plan. He hence hit with way more topspin than usual to break Agut's rhythm and pattern.

In the previous two wins, Agut had emerged victorious by a similar game plan when Djokovic tried to disrupt his game. This situation was a Deja Vu for Agut and eerily similar to Djokovic. In the earlier games, such an attack made Agut lose the first set. However, he remained victorious in the next two.

With this game attack in mind, Agut proceeded further. But our dark horse, Djokovic swept off the game under his feet before Agut could get the wind of it. Djokovic raced ahead by breaking the second and the eighth game.

Agut then took the pace and claimed the second set to his name with a clear score of 2-1, showing the inside out winner. Delighted by the second set win, he squandered to take a lead of 4-1. He made Djokovic claw down to 15-40, an ace and a service winner helping the Serb. However, all of this tense nerve didn't let Agut drop his calm a bit.

In Agut's defence, he did put the four-time champion a tough fight and pushed Djokovic in an uncomfortable position, from which he had to fight through to win the match. His best efforts were tested against Agut's performance.

Racing On

“I had to dig deep,” Djokovic admitted. “Roberto was playing his first semifinal but he was really not overwhelmed. He played very well. In the first set, he made a few uncharacteristic errors but soon established himself. He placed his serve very well and I got a bit tight. It was also a very close four or five games early in the third set and it could have gone either way. Hopefully, it went my way.”

The opening of all the five games in the third set was tough but none of the players cracked. They pushed each other more and more. The sixth game brought in some changes when Djokovic forced to a breakthrough while Agut was serving. Agut often fell to his inside -out forehand. He maintained such a position all through the game. He wasn't giving in to Djokovic without a fight.

In the next service game, Djokovic fell behind 15-40 but three good serves and 45-shot rally seemed to liberate him completely. He held on to win the set 6-3.

Djokovic sunk his teeth into the contest and finished off the game in style relentlessly. Pushing Agut into pressure and by playing a mental game, he won a glorious win after handing out deuces and volleys which even his opponent appreciated.

The first Wimbledon semifinal was won by Djokovic. The second semifinal round is going on between Nadal and Federer. The result will be updated soon. The final will take place on Sunday between Djokovic and the winner of the latter.