Kumkum Bhagya- Upcoming Story, Twists,Spoiler ( 2nd July 2019 )


Kumkum Bhagya will be airing its 1401st episode on 2nd July. With a successful story, revolving around the love story of Pragya and Abhi- find out what upcoming twists are soon to be arriving at the show.

Promo Review and Story

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Watch the promo for 2nd July here. The promo showed a glimpse of Mira getting scolded by Aliya regarding her duties as a nanny. She provokes that she will have to make her understand the hard way, and make her understand the new rules in very different propaganda. On the other hand, Sarita asks Abhi to marry Pragya (Prachi's mother). He rebukes her saying that he will keep her suggestion in mind, however, he still loves his wife.

Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming twists and spoilers

Prachi calls Aliya "Buji", but she rebuffs her saying she is only Rhea's "Buji". Aliya gets infuriated and scolds her for spoiling the party. Rhea passes a sly smile but quickly reconciles when everyone notices. Unknown to Aliya, Prachi is her real "Buji". While on the other hand, Rhea is shown going somewhere in her car but stops midway noticing something which shocks her out of her mind.

Moreover, Prachi's entry into everyone's lives has brought into the limelight, Aliya, Purab and Disha's story. One can clearly notice that it is nothing but Aliya's temperamental tantrums and prolonging zeal which makes Purab succumb to her wishes. There isn't any love or trust holding the relationship ground between them. Disha has returned back into the show and has been sharing an emotional moment with everyone on the sitcom. Disha's entry is also reopening new secrets and confessions regarding Abhi and Pragya's story into Prachi's life.

Mitali gets to know about Mira's budding up feelings for Abhi. She warns her that Aliya will get furious if she ever comes to know what underlying feelings you have for her brother, being a nanny to Rhea. Aliya soon comes to know about her feelings regarding Abhi and slashes her anger on her by teaching her new ways to adapt to new rules which centre Rhea and not Abhi.

She reminds her of the rules she created 20 years back when she first employed Mira into babysitting Rhea. Sarita tries to set Abhi up with Prachi's mom, however, he says repeatedly that no one can replace Pragya into his life. She still remains bent up on the fact till Abhi agrees into meeting Prachi's mom, which he later comes to know is Pragya herself.

Will Abhi and Pragya finally get back together? Will Prachi get her family name and her family? Will everything reconciles into this entire hopscotch?

To know more, stay tuned to Kumkum Bhagya, airing every day at Zee TV at 9 pm, and 10.30 am for repeat telecast.

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