Game of thrones: Why is Season 8 the worst ?


When the first season of Game of Thrones aired, it left us with utmost anticipation about the upcoming seasons. It only increased throughout the course of its seven seasons until the last season arrived.

The hype of the show was so tremendous everywhere from Facebook, Twitter, and several other social media to usual random discussions among friends. Nonetheless, the attention the epic fantasy drama received was well deserved because of the many well deliberate components making it one of the most successful and popular shows in television history.

The stunning CGI, elaborate costumes, splendid sets, beautiful looking actors made the show a pleasure to the eyes. Most of the actors and actresses delivered brilliant performances.

The filming of the show was done in Belfast and other different regions of several countries including United Kingdom, Canada, Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Morocco, Spain, and the United States, featuring beauteous and mystic landscapes.

However, what led the show to gain a cult following is its storyline. Not only does the story have various elements and themes, like romance, action, drama, etc, but it also has many highly unpredictable twists.

The story is an adaptation of George RR Martins series of fantasy novels named "The Song of Ice and Fire", the first of which is named "A Game of Thrones". The brilliant RR Martin seems to possess extraordinary power of captivating the attention of people through his magnificent story writing.

However, after the arrival of season 8, the fans were left utterly disappointed dues to several reasons.

The Battle of Winterfell

Game of thrones season 8

"The Battle of Winterfell" had the longest battle sequence not only in the series but reportedly in the whole history of television series. It was highly anticipated by fans and hyped up for a long time. Even though it contained some great scenes, it was so dimly lit leaving fans puzzled and compelled to hit the brightness buttons multiple times until at least a little was visible on screen even if it meant a pixelated image.

The show makers said that they made it that way because they wanted to make the scenes appear more realistic, as if the only source of the light present in natural light, and make the artificial lighting of the sets much less obvious. However, the episode featured some thrilling scenes which threw up our heart rates. As far as the story goes, the fans were mostly unsatisfied with the way the Night King was killed.

It did have some shock factor because according to the prophecy mentioned in the previous seasons, the Night King was to be killed by the "Azor Ahai" which means "The Promised Prince". Fans speculated that it was going to be Jon Snow and this theory was in the mind of the fans for a long time.

They imagined a legendary one to one fight between the unnerving and vicious Night King and the hero of the story, whoever it be. As the episode was nearing its end and everyone was on the verge of giving up in the horrendous situation, two shockers came to the fans.

Firstly, it was Arya Stark who killed the Night King with her heroic act. Secondly, he was killed at once, much more simply than previously thought. Arya being the Azai Ahor was highly appreciated but at the same time, the way in which the Night King died was far too simple for all the hype it received through all the seasons preceding it.

Death of Cersei


The death of Cersei Lannister, one of the central villain was awaited for a long time. The merciless and wicked character was one of the most despicable and loathsome and everyone wanted her to die in a terrible way or at least make her suffer for sometime before killing her.

In season 1 of Game of Thrones, Cersei tells Ned Stark, “Jaime and I are more than brother and sister; we shared a womb, came into this world together—we belong together.”, hinting at a twin death. It was speculated that she might die with Jamie or be killed by him with for mercy or just to end the craziness of her chaotic reign.

However, ultimately the collapsing Red Keep killed them both. Her death was not as horrifying and emotionally destructive as the execution of Net Stark. It wasn't satisfying the fans enough as they thought she deserved a much more dreadful death.

Hurried Endings

game of thrones 8

The season comprised of 6 episodes as opposed to 10 in all preceding seasons, even though it featured two of the biggest battles in the series.

The earlier seasons had a much more detailed approach to character development and storyline than the last season. The whole story seemed to move as fast as possible without paying much attention to important details, just to reach the final conclusion.

The two different battles could have easily been put in two different seasons or at least the season could have been made longer to reach the conclusion in a more appropriate manner that felt natural like other seasons.

Character developments didn't make sense

got 8

The feel of the whole story exceedingly deviates from the initial seasons. A number of plot holes made people question the competency of the writer. A number of eminent and intelligent characters made silly blunders.

The way characters were viewed by the writer of the last season was much different than that of RR Martin. Jamie made a long journey from being a hated character to being one of the most adored characters, had a slow build-up of passion with Brienne over many seasons but suddenly had a change of mind after sleeping with her and goes back to Cersei.

He said that he is evil, but his words and actions throughout the past seasons contradicted his statements made to Brienne. His sudden change in demeanor didn't make sense to many fans. However, the most heartbreaking twist in character seems to be that of our favorite mother of dragons, Daenerys.

The breaker of the chains, who eradicated slavery just to save innocents, who put innocents above herself, lost her husband and child because of that and all that still didn't change her attitude towards innocents, suddenly transformed into merciless mad queen who killed the whole King's Landing without any acceptable logic and as a result gets killed by her lover.