Startup Incubator and Acceleration Programs in 2019

Startup Incubator

The Indian startup ecosystem is rapidly gaining momentum in the global business environment, giving India a fighting chance at becoming a startup capital. Startups that are attracting the attention of foreign investors and reaping the benefits of various government initiatives are escaping velocity and shifting talent flows around the world.

While unicorn startup stories inspire an individual to take an initiative in the startup direction, most ventures fail due to lack of proper guidance and assistance. A remedy to this problem is incubators and accelerators. From helping entrepreneurs properly structure their business to introducing them to potential investors, they provide the optimal growth conditions for a startup to flourish.

In this article, we have listed some accelerator and incubator programs to watch out for in 2019.

AgriPulse Accelerate North-East Program

Started out in 2018, the AgriPulse North-East Program brings together key stakeholders to unlock the potential innovative energy of the emerging entrepreneurs in the region. The program provides startups with intensive mentoring from a plethora of business experts in different sectors. It helps nurture them beyond the boundaries of the region. They also help startups connect to the market and investors. Their target sector includes agricultural and food processing projects and such ventures.

IIM Kozhikode- Live

 IIMK- Live is a 5-day entrepreneurship development program in business venture management. During the 5 day program, 6 hours will be dedicated to teaching sessions of one and a half hour each. Unlike other programs, this one is open to any entrepreneurs and not restricted to the ones promoted by the IIM institution. Early stage product startups will find this program to be ideal. Startups incorporated as LLPs or Pvt. Ltd companies can also attend this program. Idea grant recipients are also welcome to attend the sessions. Startup Incubator

ARISE 2019

The program is designed to help early-stage agro-startups to accelerate in the current field of agribusiness. The program is powered by RKVY-RAFTAAR Scheme of Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Government of India. It is a two-phase incubation program that helps in early stage product development and with the commercial launch & funding support for the product prototype. Grant in aid can be received up to 25 Lacs. The program is an 8 weeks residential incubation program with dedicated mentorship from industry experts. They also provide a fellowship stipend of Rs. 10,000 per month during the workshop.

S2019 Programme

India Accelerator’s S2019 Program is a well reputed and therefore, most sought after program. It is a program that lasts for 4 months of intensive monitoring, incubation spaces, technological and business services. Only 5-10 selected startups have the fortunate opportunity to attend this seminar. Through the program, the startups receive INR 15- 25 Lacs in perks and services as an internal source of funding. Incubated startups can also gain a large number of external perks from GAN partners. Startup Incubator

Silicon Road Cohort 1

The program is powered by Numa. It is a 4-month Food Tech and Retail Tech focus acceleration program in Mysuru. The program provides access to the local and international network of food and retail tech corporate, mentors, research infrastructure and industry experts. It accelerates growth through customized mentorship program across various industry verticals. It gives access to Mysore’s academic talent pool and fundraising support from quality in-house resources (EIR & Growth Hacker in Residence). The duration of the program is from May ‘19 to September ’19.

UIncept Incubation Program

 It is an 11-month program designed to mold young startups into successful and stable ventures. A faculty of global standing provides extensive training through case studies and practical application. They extend insights into venture creation methodology and help budding entrepreneurs to materialize their substantial ideas into collective business modules. Application for the program remains open till the 31st of May.


TLabs is one of the most popular accelerators, aimed at helping budding Indian internet and mobile technology startups with an early stage seed-fund. The accelerator program at TLabs goes on for 16 weeks. It is divided into four phases; a hypothesis development phase of one or two weeks, a phase where validation for the said hypothesis will be sought for three to eight weeks, a phase of nine to thirteen weeks seeking traction and strategic direction from experts in the field, and the last phase of business and financial planning that lasts 14 to 16 weeks.


T-Hub is among the world’s leading startup engines incubates technology startups. Lab32 is a six month long comprehensive incubation program, launched by T-Hubs, which is tailor-made for early-stage tech product startups. The minimum eligibility criteria of the program are the following that the early-stage tech product startups should have: Startup Incubator

  • Initial market traction
  • An exceptional founding team
  • Seed funding, series A funding or bootstrapped
  • Solution for, but not limited to, healthcare, finance, education, smart mobility, sustainability, social impact, and smart cities, using technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, augmented reality/virtual reality/extended reality, blockchain, etc.
  • Commitment to participate full time for the entire duration of the program, based out of the T-Hub, Hyderabad facility

Startup Incubator


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