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Who is Sandeep Maheshwari?

Sandeep Maheshwari wiki

Success falls in love with those, who don’t just dare to dream, but wake up and work for it. At the same time, success isn’t destiny but a process. It isn’t someplace you can be, its a path we constantly need to travel.


Sandeep Maheshwari Wiki

Arguably one of the best examples to explain this would be Sandeep Maheshwari. The man who has his name enlisted in the top 10 entrepreneurs of the country, a photographer, a model, and the founder of images bazaar. But you don’t know that, do you? You might know him as a motivational speaker, or the guy who puts out interesting videos on youtube so you can get/stay motivated. But that’s not what gives him the exclusivity.

There are other speakers out there. Many, arguably hold higher manipulating skills and are better at convincing you to stay motivated, people have their personal choices of course. But what gives him this exclusivity and the stardom is that all of his seminars and sessions are free. He doesn’t take a penny from you to do the good, he wishes to do for you.

He has a youtube Channel and that is the world’s biggest youtube channel that isn’t monetized yet. His channel has about 10.3 million subscribers where he keeps posting videos in the relevance of the issues youths face with the time to come, and you won’t ever see an ad before his videos begin to play.

He holds a life-changing seminar every year, at least that’s what he calls it, which is nothing but just another motivational session but it’s almost an hour long, or sometimes even more. again., free of cost. So here’s the question. Why? How? What? When? And everything else. Keep reading, and let’s see how many of these I Can answer for you.


Sandeep Maheshwari Life

Well, to begin with, let’s go back to where it all started. And why we’re traveling down that road is so you could understand how we all are so close to him, let’s keep a check on the reliability when we read about his upbringing, his financial status, his family and all the other aspects that we will try to throw light on.

Being born in just another middle-class family in the capital, he wasn’t any different than any of us. Didn’t go to a fancy school, didn’t have a fancy lifestyle. Everything you have had in your life, he had the same, with just some minor variations here and there. His parents didn’t have deep pockets and were continuously facing troubles and setbacks while he was still a child. He got into college and left it before he could complete his degree.


So it traces back in time when his dad was in the steel business which he had to leave because of internal fights within the company between him and his other partners. The conditions worsened and 2 years just passed by in the flow.

He was now in class 12 and had a sister, that he knew he would take responsibility for. He, just like any other of us, if put in this situation wanted to do anything for the betterment of the family, as he was now used to seeing his father enter into depression out and about.

But because of whatever he could see around himself, it instilled into him a sense of success where he believed it was something unattainable and it fictitious because he just can’t be successful.

Sandeep Maheshwari wife

Sandeep Maheshwari wife


The story goes on to a point where he once ended up at a seminar organized by the MLM company and got to know that the guy hosting the show makes 2.5 Lakhs a month.

This kind of money isn’t just everyone’s cup of tea. He saw himself in the man and thought to himself if he can, so can I. And this, as he himself in one of his seminars later confronted, turned out to be a turning point in his life.

Sandeep once said, things happen only when you start believing it can happen, further explaining, why he could attain successful only after he started to picture himself getting successful and earning that kind of money.

He said that he later went on to take seminars but he failed there too. he goes on telling us his story where he tried modeling as a hobby in his college days but the company he worked with turned out to be a fraud leaving behind hundreds of models in despair and that’s when he realized he needed to do something for all these people around him.

Maheshwari realized this wasn’t cutting for him, he did some market research then and came to realize that photography was something that didn’t require a college degree as such and was easy to get hands on. He got himself a training from South Africa and begun his work as a portfolio manager making portfolios for models at a cheaper rate.


Sandeep Maheshwari Life

Professions like these at the time were churned with nepotism and hence he couldn’t get where he wanted to, with this profession because he didn’t have a big name after all.

He decided there was a need for an establishment of his name if he wanted this profession to suffice for him.

Sandeep Maheshwari decided he is going to make a world record and with a hundred models in a time span of 12 hours, clicked 10,000 photos which became a world record and gave him the exposure he then very much needed.

He still didn’t find a spark in this profession. He then went on to leave this as well and joined another MLM based in Japan. And this is where it clicked for him.

He says, at this time I was able to earn 1 lakh INR a month, which was no less than success for me. I thought this is where I wanted to be, and the kind of money I wanted to make. But he, showing his humble, still credits his luck to have made it work and not his hard work.  But soon when he saw the problems of the people working at the down line company, he decided to open a software-based company whose motive then, was to uplift these people.

Sandeep joined hands with other people working at the same company and started this venture which just like his previous failures, saw the same story as it soon came to an end due to recession in the market. his life made a full circle and he was back to square one. Once again, he was on Zero, in absolution.

Now, when we read his story up till this point, we have seen how he has tried and failed multiple times and this is the point where most people give up.

You see, this is where I recall one of the times when Sandeep himself said that success isn’t a destination. “There is no road that if you take right, will lead you to success, there are no shortcuts, there is just one road that leads to success and that road has a lot of failures, a traveler encounters first, and only when he is ready to take a step forward even after that setback, is when they can find what people call success.” There is no success without failure.

Yes, we always recite the story of how that one night changes things in people’s lives, but we don’t count the numbers such same nights where the person saw no success. Went to bed, and woke up another day to fight again.

Sandeep at this point gathered all the knowledge he had and decided to pen it all down in the form of a book. He said “ he just wanted to do something, no matter big or small, without the fear if it will or will not work. He said he wasn’t afraid that his book might fail as well, he was afraid of not trying. He still says I am not scared of there day when I lose everything I have today and go back to square one, I am afraid of the day when I am not willing to try.”

Interestingly, the book he wrote started from the end. The last page became the first page. And he justified this by the title of the book that read “ if you can’t change the way you read, how can you change the way you think?” But fete wanted to go even harsh on this hustler. It saw another failure and the book never sold well. He recollected himself again, picked up his camera and went back to his photography. Again, back to square one.


Sandeep Maheshwari

 It was just another day at work when a random man, who was hurried came to Sandeep for a shoot, took a glance at the pictures and offered him a sum of 2500 rupees per photo in exchange of him, working for him. Sandeep quickly agreed.

This is where he had an introspective phase and thought to himself what if I opened an online portal based on a concept where models are already shot ad-ready and hence both parties, the client and the model can save their time.

This is where he opened his company which we now popularly know as images bazaar. it was an instant hit and then he never looked back. Images Bazaar broke all records and gave enough money to Sandeep, and the rest is all history.

While talking about this is said, one day when you have all your failures collected to you, that is the day you will see success and no failure because you have seen enough of it already. This company now extends to 45 counties with over 7000 clients. This is the company that made him to the list of India’s top 10 entrepreneurs.

Sandeep saw a lot of failures in his life. But what makes him different from all of us, isn’t that he is successful and we aren’t, it is the fact that he knew he would keep trying until the goal was achieved.

The man has traveled different roads and has seen a lot of things in life. He wishes to give some of it back to the society in the form of his words so no one questions themselves in their worst failures and can rise and stand up again, back on their feet. Firm. And never look back. He feels the society has a huge role to play in what or who we become. It is important to keep a positive vibe flowing in it.

We all have our relatives taunting us and demoralizing us more than we do ourselves whenever we fail, but to balance them we also have people like him. Just like all things should be, perfectly. balanced.

Written By: Aman

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