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TamilYogi Movies 2019: Download Latest New HD Tamil Movies Online

TamilYogi Movies 2019

TamilYogi Movies: Research has shown that Movies provide some kind of relaxation effect on the mind and body and also alter the views of a person for the better. However, we try and cut down on such forms of entertainment for the lack of finances and the increase in the cost of a single movie ticket.

Everyone loves watching movies and it is a sort of hobby developed in this day and age. I personally get to learn about a lot of new things when I watch some movies and they are a breath of fresh air from my busy schedule.

Mission Mangal Movie Leaked For Download
Tamilrockers Tamil Movie Download
Hollywood Movie 

Bollywood Movie

In this day and age of technology, there has been the advent of many websites which offer free content the moment it is released. Having to pay loads of cash for streaming websites, like Netflix, Prime, HBO turns out to be a huge drain on your account.


In such cases, pirated content streaming websites allow us to enjoy Movies, TV shows, videos and other content for free without having a burden on our wallets. Besides paid streaming sites have only a selected array of content to choose from. Thus pirated websites allow us to view a wider array of media without any restrictions.

It is very difficult to find the right site to stream movies you actually want to watch and not movies with horrible ratings. Tamil yogi is one such site to watch all kinds of Tamil movies without any disturbances.

All movies are FREE

This is a one-stop site for all those broke, movie buffs who want to relax at the end of the day with a nice movie before they go off to sleep. This website is especially useful for students who don’t have access to credit/ debit cards of their own and their parents are strict enough to not allow expenditure to watch paid movies online.

It must also be understood that while these websites are an easy way to save money on entertainment purposes, they are frowned upon by the film industry since it steals from them significant profits, and also disrespects the hard work they put in.

Tollywood and Pollywood Movies

To all the Tollywood and Pollywood fans, we bring to you details on the latest website for Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies- Tamil yogi. Soon to surpass its competitors- Tamil rockers and such, the site is going to be the next groundbreaker.

So here is a brief review on the site, instructions to download content, the kind of content that will be found and the latest link to the site. Please read the disclaimer at the end of the article.

TamilYogi Review 

TamilYogi boasts a wide collection of latest Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies dubbed in different languages. It also has a selected collection of Bollywood and Hollywood movies.   The interface is easy to understand and is soon becoming a favourite for those who find other streaming websites too expensive to use.

Mixed genres of Movies

The collection of movies has mixed genres consisting of movies like Bahubali with high critic ratings, and many romance movies as well.  Being free has not reduced the general quality of the site.

Ads and Pop-up

Advertisements from external sources are the only way the owners of the website make an income. Hence there are multiple pop-ups associated with the website which keep coming up when you click on a link, and even insidiously. However, this is just a small hindrance, a small price to pay for the amount of content its web page offers.

Quality concerns

The Quality is that of theatre picture, but sometimes for the latest movies, the quality of media may not be very great as they are being shot through the camera of a phone or recorder. There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to quality- 360p,  480p, 780p, 1080p.

Download links are available for all the media which makes it convenient to use. A proper internet connection is required to make the downloads, however, and as I have already mentioned, the advertisements can be a little troublesome. If you wish to simply view the content without downloading it, there is an option to stream all the movies/ TV shows online as well without any hassle of a download.

Recently Leaked Movies

  • Housefull4
  • Made In China
  • Saand Ki Aankh

The site is primarily for Tamil speaking crowd as most of the movies have been dubbed in the language, including the Malayalam and Telugu movies. however, subtitles are available on select movies which make it easier for the Hindi speaking crowd as well.

The site is also a boon to the student crowd without access to credit/debit cards, with content replete with student-friendly movies. Movies like Avengers, Bahubali, and many others have been proved popular among the student crowd.

All in all, besides the advertisements, Tamil yogi is definitely going to become one of the best websites featuring pirated content with its ever-expanding catalogue.

List of Famous Movies on TamilYogi

Some of the latest movies download which might interest the users are given here:

  1. Lion King (2019)- dubbed in Tamil
  2. Bahubali 1 and 2 in Tamil
  3. 100 in Tamil
  4. Game over in Tamil
  5. Dear Comrade in Tamil
  6. Kanchana 3 in Tamil
  7. Avengers end game dubbed in Tamil
  8. Godzilla dubbed in Tamil

Apart from this, there is a select collection of Malayalam and Telugu movies dubbed in Tamil.

TV shows

  1. Kalyanam conditions apply 2.0- Tamil series
  2. Hostages (Hindi series) dubbed in Tamil
  3. Thiravam season 1 in Tamil
  4. F*ck buddies season1- web series
  5. LOL (lots of love) season 1- web series

And the list is ever-expanding

Is There Any Need For Parental Guidance While Using Movie Download Websites? 

No specific warning is issued against the site content and no age limits have been set, however, on taking a look at the kind of media available, I suggest that parental guidance is given in case a child wishes to use the site, as there are movies not only for children but A-rated movies as well. I recommend constant vigilance from the parent’s side to prevent the children from watching sensitive content.

On visiting the site, there are four collections to choose from:

  1. Latest Tamil movies
  2. All Tamil dubbed movies- English, Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu
  3. The Tamil Blue-ray movies- English, Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu
  4. Entertaining Tamil DVD rip movies- English, Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu. Even though it appears that it displays only movies, once any of the collection is clicked, there is a wide selection of TV shows and web series as well.

Tamilyogi Download links 

Sharing pirated content (or even watching it) is illegal according to the Indian government and hence the site has been under the scrutiny many times, because of which there have been multiple changes in URL. Here is a list of the older domains:

Tamilyogi.fmA Tamilyogi me
Tamilyogi vipTamilyogi ccv
Tamilyogi ProTamil Yogi.com

All the links will lead to the newest URL.

Since the site is illegal, it is under the constant scrutiny of the government and can be shut down at any point. The URL keeps on changing for the site to remain accessible. This is in regards to the URL available at the time the article is published.

How to download movies from TamilYogi? 

The user interface of the site is very easy to use. However to avoid any kind of confusion, here is a list of basic steps to make sure you do not face any kind of difficulties.

  1. First, make sure that your internet connection is strong enough to download files, and there is enough memory on your device.
  2. Go to the latest link of the site- tamilyogi.vip
  3. Choose the category you want to view content from- latest Tamil movies; Tamil dubbed movies, Tamil blue ray movies; Tamil DVD rip movies
  4. There is a search bar on the top right-hand corner in case you cannot find your favourite movie
  5. Once you have selected the media you want to view, click on it.
  6. There will be various mirror links to download from.
  7. Choose the format of download- 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p
  8. Wait for the link to start downloading and make sure you have enough data to complete the download.
  9. Once the download is finished click on the file.
  10. Enjoy your movie!

Where can you stream content? 

No need of Flash to watch the available content. Thus, you can watch on any kind of device like your smartphone, laptop-tablet, etc.

Other available websites

While the popularity scale of Tamil yogi is very high among the southern population, there are also many other sites which share similar content, or content for the user who doesn’t understand Tamil. Some such sites are:

  1. Tamilrockers
  2. Fmovies– for English and hindi movies (mainly streaming)
  3. Dailymotion- for English and Hindi
  4. Extramovies– Hindi and dubbed English movies

There are many other sites not mentioned here, but don’t have the same catalogue variety as Tamil yogi which boasts an array of over 10k movies.

Reasons to limit the use of such sites to the minimum 

I believe that such sites should be used only when really necessary or when the budget is extremely tight for the user. Here is a list of reasons why I think so:

  1. Such sights are unsafe and can seed the user’s device with various viruses.
  2. Filmmakers spent Crores of rupees to make the movies to the public’s liking. The use of such websites reduce their profit margins significantly and puts their hard word to waste. Further, it is a disrespect to the art of film making.
  3. The user’s sensitive details are at risk
  4. The risk of arrest due to illegality is always prevailing.
  5. The user’s profile is vulnerable to the likes of hackers.

Summary of TamilYogi 

Although everything has been mentioned in the article, I would like to summarize a bit.

Tamil yogi is a streaming website with pirated content, consisting of Tamil language movies. movies besides being streamed can also be downloaded. There is a selection of over 10 thousand movies.

Even the latest content, just released content is available on the site.

However, caution must be exercised as such sites are illegal due to piracy laws and it is advisable to use VPN to mask your identity and prevent online theft. The use of such sites should be limited to a minimum for safety and ethical reasons.

The latest link to the site is tamilyogi.vip

(the URL can change at any point in time due to constant vigilance by the government against such pirated websites)


Movie piracy is an illegal act and TamilYogi 2019 is an illegal website. Awaaaz not at all favours downloading movies from such illegal sources and encourages the users to prefer the legal ways. This article about WorldFree4u was only for the information purpose without any intention of promoting the website.