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Tamilrockers website

Tamilrockers Movies 2019: Hello everyone, if you want to know more Tamilrockers website then you are at right place. We’ll provide all the details you need to know about Tamilrockers (Tamil Movie Download Website). A Tamil Movie Download Website.

Tamilrockers in Hindi

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What is Tamilrockers website?

Tamilrockers is one of the most popular piracy websites which is famous for promoting the pirated movie illegally. On this website, movies are available in many languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, etc. Most of the people who use Tamilrockers website for downloading pirated movie, pirated TVs shows, Music, Web series, and videos. Tamilrockers 2019 Movies Download

Tamilrockers Tamil Movie Download

Hollywood Movie 

Bollywood Movie

This website was started in 2011, at that time domain of that website Tamilrockers .com. But we all know running this type of website purely big legal offence. Due to less popularity of tamilrockers, this website was hidden from the legal team of India. This Tamil Movie Download website.

After three of starting the website in March 2015, 3 people who run the latest movie download website got arrested. These 3 members were core members of Tamilrocker and one of them was site owner. Tamilrockers 2019 Movies Download and Tamil Movie Download website

How to Download Movies From Tamilrockers

I will tell you how you can access Tamilrockers websites by using many tricks. Here I will discuss about TamilRockers Proxy list or Tamilrockers Mirror Sites.

We all know that doing piracy or supporting it is an illegal offence. Google has banned many such websites to stop piracy still these websites can be accessed by using VPN or mirror sites.

URL ListURL Speed
tamilrockers.atFast Yes
tamilrockers.nzVery Fast
tamilrockers.tvFast Yes
tamilrockers.mrunlock.proVery Fast Yes
tamilrockers.liSlow Offline
tamilrockers.gyFast Yes
tamilrockers.crVery Fast Yes
tamilrockerss.chFast Yes
tamilrockers.nocensor.icuSlow Yes
tamilrockers.linkSlow Offline
tamilrockers.grFast Yes
tamilrockers.prox4you.xyzVery Fast Yes
tamilrockers.netSlow Offline
tamilrockers.unlockproject.liveFast Yes
tamilrockers.123unblock.infoFast Yes

Tamilrockers New Site Download Link 2019

Downloading movie from any piracy website is totally banned and illegal in India. Tamilrockers is only known for providing pirated movies.

There are more some similar website are their

I suggest you do not use this piracy website

Latest Leaked Movies

  • The Zoya Factor
  • Dream Girl
  • Saaho
  • War
  • Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy

Tamilrockers Piracy Technique

They are using the Torrent for sharing their pirated content.  Torrent uses P2P(peer to peer) technology to share the latest movies download. It is a Tamil Movie Download website.

Torrent is already banned in India but still, users use it by changing their IP Address. This technology does not need any server to share movie user users computers as a file host. Due to P2P(Peer to Peer) technology download speed also increases. Tamilrockers 2019 Movies Download

All cryptocurrency traders use this method for accepting cross-border payment of cryptocurrency trading. As cryptocurrency trading is illegal in India.

Source: Wikipedia

Tamilrockers 2019 Movies Download
Tamilrockers 2019

What Tamilrockers Do???

The main work of Tamilrockers is to provide the latest pirated movie to users. When any popular movie or movie of any popular star is released they record that movie from any theatre and upload it to their website.

The user who doesn’t want to spend money in theatre and if they know about Tamilrockers then they download that movie from Tamilrockers. A movie is made with lots of hard work, money, talent, patience but due to this website movie producer have to fall in loss and it also discourages the talent. Tamilrockers 2019 Movies Download

They have a big team who provide a recorded movie. They pay them a huge amount for a movie and they pay them through P2P technology which can’t be traced.

Government Is Trying To Ban Tamilrockers

Due to breaking many laws and spreading piracy, Indian IT cell wants to completely Block this website.

Tamilrockers is directly affecting the income of film producer, so film producers of Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, etc want to ban it completely. But every time they block domain name. Tamilrockers team register another domain name from a different country.

They are using the free host to serve their website to its user and that needed valid Email and Mobile. but these people use fake Email and Phone. so They can’t be traced. Tamil Movie Download

What Action Can Be Taken Against Tamilrockers

We all know it is not possible to ban all their domain but by applying many restrictions to the website can decrease this problem. The problem won’t be solved completely but it will decrease.

The downloading speed of all unknown website can be decreased by IT cell and it will decrease the number of users on Tamilrockers.

The number of users on a website can be decreased which will cause a huge impact on that website.

Tamilrockers la

Latest News On Tamilrockers

The President of Tollywood(Tamil film) Film Producer Council and Actor Vishal demanded the CM of Chennai to take any strict steps against Tamilrocks and another piracy website which is violating the copyright. They blamed the government and said if the government want this type of will to be permanently banned.

Recently the government has some strict steps against some piracy website and a whole group of people has been arrested by police, as for officials these groups are involved in uploading a pirated movie of different languages on different websites.

For catching this piracy group, an anti-piracy cell was organized by the government, who was activity checking such illegal activity to remove piracy from India.

Anti-piracy cell stated that these piracy groups was changing lots of domain names to avoid being caught. Due to this anti-piracy cell had faced lots of difficulties to catch these piracy group. Tamilrockers 2019 Movies Download.

Two members of the group of admins of the infamous pirate website- Tamil Rockers have already been booked and arrested. The anti-piracy cell had tracked them down by their recent movie torrents uploaded to the website in various languages, namely English, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu, etc. This cannot be a one-man or two-man job. The admins of this website are spread all over the country and till some parts of International piracy rackets too.

Shockingly enough, many viewers wait patiently for the movie to be leaked online, so that they can save themselves the money and the minimal physical labour of experiencing it in theatres. The website surged up a few million views when the demands of the audience escalated with the release of the Rajnikanth-starrer “Kabali”. All of India goes crazy to watch their superstar only once on the big screen. However, with the price bomb tickets on the first day of the release, and the already-houseful movie theatres, denied many the opportunities to miss the first day- first show movie.

Domain Name Used Bt Tamilrockers Website:

Tamil rockers have been using hundreds of different domain name since they launched their website. But here is a list of some recent active domain name.

List of Domains

tamilrockers.comtamilrockers co

Some Blocked Domain Name of TamilRockers:

  • Tamilrockers .by
  • Tamilrockers .hn
  • Tamilrockers .cl
  • Tamilrockers .mu
  • Tamilrockers .ph
  • Tamilrockers .gd
  • Tamilrockers .vc
  • Tamilrockers .gy
  • Tamilrockers .cl
  • Tamilrockers .gs
  • Tamilrockers .li
  • Tamilrockers .st
  • Tamilrockers.ro,
  • Tamilrockers .com
  • Tamilrockers .net
  • Tamilrockers .tv
  • Tamilrockers .ax
  • Tamilrockers-s. co
  • Tamil Movie Download

There are hundreds of more such domain and it is not possible to list all the domain names.

This article is originally posted on Time of India.

As you have already seen above that Tamilrockers team is regularly changing their domain name so it is approx impossible to ban that website. Tamilrockers 2019 Movies Download

Tamilrockers is not only this kind of website, but there are also tons of another website who do the same things.

According to Ahref(Key planner tool), unique visitors on Tamilrockers in a month is more than 11,500,000 visitors which cause a huge impact on production. Only because of piracy only Bollywood have to wear loss of 1000crore  in a year. Tamil Movie Download

What Should We Do As User?:

According to me, we should not use such websites. Because this website is not good and safe for you and the filmmakers.

To make a movie, film producer invests so much money on the movie and they need some profit from the movie. Nowadays people are downloading movie from some piracy website and they don’t go to the theatre so, filmmakers have to wear high loss. Tamilrockers 2019 Movies Download

It is not good you as a user, because these types of website are designed to make more money they don’t care about your personal information. They collect information from your browser and sell it to the third party for handsome money. Tamil Movie Download

In some of the case, the website infects your system (Phone/ Computer) by some virus.

Users personal information can be stolen by these websites.

Your username and passwords saved in browsers can be stolen and they may ask you for some Ransome money. Tamilrockers 2019 Movies Download

Google account can be hacked. And if google account is hacked then hackers can access all your data and harass you.

Because one can steal your personal information for a few bucks and sell it to someone and instead you may have to suffer a huge loss.

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Why We Should Watch The Movie In Theatre?:

There are many reasons to watch a movie in the theatre.

  • Not involved in any illegal activity
  • You can get a better experience
  • Better audio and video quality
  • Indirectly participating in the development of India because if you watch the movie in theatre then filmmakers will earn more and they will pay tax to the government.
  • Pirated movies are very hard to understand while in the theatre you can understand the story of the movie.
  • In the pirated, there are much-unwanted noise and voice cut in the video so it is frustrating.
  • Tamil rockers and Tamilgun websites are doing huge damage to filmmakers.
  • Tamilrockers 2019 Movies Download
  • Tamil Movie Download

List of some latest movies leaked given below:

  • Bharat
  • Avenger
  • De De Pyar De
  • Captain Marvel,
  • Zero, ( Shahrukh Khan)
  • Simba, (Ranveer Singh Sara Ali Khan)
  • 2.0, (Rajnikant Akshay)
  • Kaala, (Rajnikant)
  • Thugs of Hindustan, ( Amirkhan, Amitabh Bachchan)
  • KFG Chapter 1 Super Satr Yashi
  • Super 30
  • Article 15
  • Kabir Singh


As of now, we know everything about Tamilgun. Here I will discuss those topics in short.

Tamilgun is a piracy website which is known for pirated movie, TV show etc. Hosting or using these types of website in India is totally illegal. Working for Tamilrockers .la is totally illegal as well.

Many people who were running such a website is already arrested. Tamil Movie Download

Because these people are quite intelligent and can hack every single technology.

This website transfers files and money by using p2p technology and can not be traced due to being degraded.

Developers of the anti-piracy cell should develop new technology to reduce this kind of illegal activity. These Tamil movie download website also violates copyright policies.

Tamilrockers 2019 Movies Download

These Tamil movie download websites also have dangerous viruses that can harm your system. It is totally unsafe to use these kinds of websites here but our personal information can also be stolen.

Recently people are looking for Tamilrockers latest, Tamilrockers website, Tamilrockers website URL, Tamilrockers twitter, Tamilrockers latest URL, Tamilrockers HD, Tamilrockers Malayalam.

Disclaimer: We do not promote any piracy website. This article only about to aware people.

There is some similar website Available:

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There are many websites which Leakes Tamil movie online like,



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