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Speed Post

Speed Post: Nowadays most of us only use emails and WhatsApp messages to send e- letters and other important information. The use of post and fax has declined to almost nil in the past few years and replaced by these means of communications. However, a decade back, these were the main modes of communication used by even our parents.

Now the only reason we use mail is to send physical belongings, and not for communication. you either use is to send your personal belongings, a gift or it may be used by companies to transfer their good all over the country. Postal services of various speeds have been introduced in recent years, allowing us to receive the parcel in a matter of mere days.

The speed post is one of those variations started by the government itself. It is used for mail you want to send in immediately and of urgent nature.

This article is going to highlight the details of the speed post, how to track your mail, details about the ems speed post many other details.

What is the speed post?

The speed post is a postal service started by the India post under the Ministry of Communications. You can send in your packages through the India post postal offices scattered throughout the country- even the most remote areas of the country.

This is a service mainly used for the speed- hence the name. you can receive and see in your package within a matter of days or hours, depending on the distance between the sender’s address and the receiver’s address.

Tracking your Speed Post

When you deliver your package at your nearest India Post office, you get a slit of paper for your transaction with id no to track your package. Here is a list of steps to track your delivery:

  1. Go to the official site for India Post www.indiapost.gov.in
  2. Click on the track consignment tab
  3. Enter the ID number you have on the slip
  4. You will then get all the details regarding your courier- where it is at the moment and how long will it take to reach you.

Prices for speed post packages

The price for delivery is based on the weight of your package. It is weighed by the post office when you deliver the package.

The following are the prices according to the locality you want to send your package to and according to weight:

(Within Municipal Limits)
Upto 200 Kms.201 – 1000 Kms.1001 – 2000 Kms.Above 2000 Kms.
Up to 50 Gms. 18.0041.00 41.00 41.00 41.00
51 Grams to
200 Grams
30.00 41.00 47.00 71.00 83.00
201 Grams to
500 Grams
35.00 59.00 71.00 94.00 106.00
501 Grams to 1000 Gram 47.00 77.00 106.00 142.00 165.00
1001 Grams to 1500 Grams 59.00 94.00 142.00 189.00 224.00
1501 Grams to 2000 Grams 71.00 112.00 177.00 236.00 283.00
2001 Grams to 2500 Grams 83.00 130.00 212.00 283.00 342.00
2501 Grams to 3000 Grams 94.00 148.00 248.00 330.00 401.00
3001 Grams to 3500 Grams 106.00 165.00 283.00 378.00 460.00
3501 Grams to 4000 Grams 118.00 183.00 319.00 425.00 519.00
4001 Grams to 4500 Grams 130.00 201.00 354.00 472.00 578.00
4501 Grams to 5000 Grams 142.00 218.00 389.00 519.00 637.00

Speed post timings

The speed post functions at your nearest post India office and functions from 9:30am to 12:30pm, which is a narrow window to give your mail. It functions from Monday to Saturday and if closed on all public holidays and Sundays.

Customer care number

The customer care for domestic mails functions from 9 am to 6 pm on all days except Sundays and public holidays. The number is 1800 266 6868.

The number of international packages is 1800-11-2011.

How to lodge a complaint via online means?  

There are certain guidelines to lodge a complaint or enquiry about your post, or about the customer service. You can either lodge a complaint online or directly to the post office, depending on the kind of service you want to be changed. Here is a list of steps to lodge a complaint through their website:  

  1. Log onto their website
  2. Go to the homepage and click on the customer care option
  3. Then go to the lodge a complaint button
  4. You will get a box, where you can type in your grievances
  5. Submit the grievance

How to track your online complaint status?

You can also track the status of your complaint in case you haven’t received a response as of yet, or it is taking too long. Here is a list of steps to track the status of your online complaint:

  1. Go to the official website homepage
  2. Go to the customer care option
  3. Subsequently, click on the track complaint option
  4. Type in your complaint number
  5. You will then receive a status update and approximately how long it will take for the customer care service to reply back

Also Read:

 Offline complaint registration

You can register your grievances at the post office closest to you. There are certain guidelines to register a complaint. First, register your complaint with the post office (the authority addressed depends on the type of service complained about) and if you do not receive a response to your liking or at all, lodge a complaint with the regional postmaster, or the next higher authority. There is a specific email id/ fax number for all cities in case your queries aren’t answered. You can find them here- https://www.indiapost.gov.in/VAS/Pages/CustomerSupport/Guidelines-on-Complaints.aspx

EMS speed post

EMS (express mail shipment) speed post is another part of the Indian post which supports worldwide shipping and extends its support to all businesses and companies. It is mainly used for bulk services for companies. It has the same timings and rules as the speed post for the general public.

EMS post specifications

Your shipment can have a maximum weight of 30kgs and dimensions 1.5m. this is the specification for each item number.

EMS tracking

You can also track your post via SMS. Here is a list of steps to help with tracking your EMS shipment:

Go to the website for EMS speed post: https://www.ems.post/en/global-network/ems-operators/ems-india#targetText=The%20EMS%20service%20in%20India,customers%2C%20businesses%20and%20communities%20worldwide.

  • Click on the global community option and select the tracking option from the drop-down box
  • Enter your 13 digit EMS item number (you get one for each item you ship)
  • You will get your tracking status- where the package is at the moment and how long will it take for it to arrive (approximately)


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