Pagalworld MP3 Songs 2019: Free Hindi Songs, Punjabi Download in HD

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The internet today is a hub to almost everything e want. Be it movies, songs, spiritual content entertainment content, educational content, or anything possible. We have a very handy and easy solution to almost all or querries and a place where the vast amount of information and content is neverending.

The world today has got used to this online world. Gone are the days when we used to wait for Sundays to hear songs on Rangoli on National television. And gone are the times when we had to sit in front of the TV and wait for our favourite songs to be played. We can now play our favourite songs anywhere and anytime possible. All that we need a good internet connection and a device to play the songs.

Even if it is not possible to get a good internet connection every time, we can always keep songs and videos downloaded in our devices and watch them anywhere and anytime we want.

There are many websites available that provide such content free of cost. Though most of these websites have no copyright or permission for the content they hold and therefore, are illegal. Pagalworld is one such website which you can access if you want to download songs or videos.

This again is illegal and we don’t promote its use. This article is only for information of the readers.

What is Pagalworld?

Pagalworld is basically a torrent website that allows its users to download music files, MP3 audios, newly released movies, and videos. The best part is this vast source is available to you absolutely free of cost. Pagalworld is very popular among the music lovers in India as it holds songs of all genres and all languages in India. You can find almost all the songs of the Indian entertainment industry on OPagalworld. Be it some Tamil song, or a Punjabi song, or a Telugu song or even a Bhojpuri song, you can get MP3 files of all the songs on this website.

However, Pagalworld does not have permission for the content it offers and therefore is considered illegal according to the Indian laws. The problem with such websites is that they offer their content free of cost and the loss is suffered by the people and artists who work hard behind making the song or the video. Who will go and get paid content if they can easily get it for free? Therefore, these are not promoted. Some of its domains are also banned by the government.

Content on Pagalowrld:

Pagalworld is a hub to videos and music files of almost all the songs in the Indian film industry. The songs are in every language and are easy to download. You can easily search for the name of the song and get it.

The website remains well updated with the latest releases and you can very easily get all the latest songs in MP3 format. The songs on Pagalworld are available under different categories like the latest songs, Bollywood songs, Tamil songs, etc. Moreover, you get songs of all genres on this website be it romantic, pop, disco, or any other genre.

You can also search for a particular artist and his songs. Besides MP3 files, you can also download videos of the songs from Pagalworld.

If you want, you also download a zip file of any particular album from this website.

Yet again, no matter how vast is the content list of this website, this is illegal and should not be used. We do not recommend the users to download content from Pagalworld at all.

Working of Pagalworld:

Since this is an illegal website and most likely banned by the government, this website has no particular URL. It operates from a remote location and functions under various domains.

If one of the domains get blocked by the government, the website owners create another to continue to deliver their service to the users.

How to find the working domain of Pagalworld?

When one of the domains of the website gets banned, another is always available. This is why such websites work under a list of various domains.

In case you are not able to find the working domain of Pagalworld, here are various ways to find one.

Method 1:

The first method is very easy and Pagalworld has taken good care of its users. If you open the official domain ( on your browser and in case that domain is banned by the government, the page will automatically redirect you to a new domain. This new domain is not banned and is still operational. You don’t need to do anything for this, This is all handled by Pagalworld for the convenience of its users.

Method 2:

This is one of the best ways to stay connected to Pagalworld or any other pirated website. These websites run a telegram channel that you can join and you will get regular updates about the website and easy access to its contents. You can get the telegram app easily from the Google Playstore. Once you download the app, go to the channel options and search for the Pagalwprld channel to keep getting the contents.

Method 3:

Another easy method to get access to the Pagalwebsite is through the Pagalworld YouTube channel. Search for the Pagalworld channel on YouTube. Go to the ‘About’ section of the channel and there, click on the Website option. Once you click on ‘Website’, it will automatically redirect you to the working page of Pagalworld from where you can access all the content available there.

You can also use a VPN to access Pagalworld.

Pagalworld working URL:

Here is a list of working domains of the Pagalworld website. As I said that Pagalworld is illegal and banned by the government, when one of the URL gets banned, the website owners create a new one. The working URLs of Pagalworld are as follows:

  • PagalWorld.Link
  • Pagalworld.Com
  • Pagalworld.Live

However, this is just for the information of the users. We do not promote the use of these links and the website in any form. The website is banned and we, therefore, suggest the readers opt for other legal ways to get authorized content. Such websites need to to be stopped and this is possible only if the users co-operate.

How to download songs from Pagalworld?

Step 1:

Open your browser and search for Pagalworld.

Step 2:

Open the first link that comes on the screen. Or you can search for on your browser and you will be taken to the working link of Pagalaorld.

On the home page of the website, you will find various options like Bollywood 2019, Punjabi songs, etc.

Step 3:

Click on the option you want. A page will open where you will get a description of that option and when you scroll down, you will get recent updates in that category. You can either choose from the given options or even search for a particular option on the custom search bar.

Step 4:

You can search for movie names, or songs or even artist names. If you will click on an album or a movie, you will be taken to a page where you will get a list showing the various songs of the film. You can also click on the get tracklist option of the movie and the tracklist will appear.

Step 5:

Choose the song you want to download and click on it. A page will open where you will get details and description of the song. The page will show you the name of the artists associated with the song, the size of the file, etc.

Step 6:

You can either play the song online or download it. You will get various size options for downloading any song. You can click on any of the option that suits you.

Once you click on file size, the file will start getting downloaded on your device. You can specify the name and location of the file.

At the end of the page, the list of other songs of the movie is also present from where you can easily to jump to another song.

This way, you can download MP3 files of any song you want very easily on your device.

Once again, these steps are mentioned just for knowledge purpose, We do not recommend the users to use the website to get pirated content on their devices. Piracy is a crime and we need to help the government to stop this from spreading.

Pagalworld App:

Pagalworld also has an android app for its users from where they can very easily download songs and also ringtones and videos. This app is not legal and therefore, it is not present on the Google Play store, you can, however, get the apk file of the app from various sources. Some YouTube videos have the link to the apk file of the app.

However, as this app is not authorized, there is no guarantee of security and all with this app. It is recommended not to download this app on your device as it may cause problems for you. And even if you download, be sure not to grant any permission to the app. As it may lead to data leakage or other such problems. And there is no legal help that you can get in such situations.

This app and website are banned by the government and using it may be very risky for you. We do not encourage the users to use the Pagalworl app. This is only for information purposes.

Problems with Pagalworld:

The foremost issue with this website is that this piracy website is illegal. It releases content free of cost and that too without the consent of the owners. As a result, the owners have to suffer excessive loss. Therefore, the government has banned such websites in the country.

However, these websites always find a way to reach to the people and continue with their piracy work. We therefore highly recommend the users to abstain from using such websites to get free content and resolve to other legal ways. Many legal ways are there through which you can get content. Like YouTube is there. From there also you can download videos and that is completely legal. Nowadays YT music is also there from where you can download MP3 files of the songs as well. Moreover, YouTube has far more content than this Pagalworld.

Another thing is the advertisements associated with [pagalworld. such piracy websites the help of unauthorized advertisement to meet their needs. Most of the ads on such websites are pop up ads that are present on the page as the download link. Therefore, most of the time, the users get confused between the ads and the real links and open the ads. This has to b taken care of as some ads can cause harm to your devices.

One more important thing is that this website is illegal and there is no place where you can complain about any issue that goes wrong. So, the new users generally land into trouble due to some inappropriate content or unauthorized ads.


Overall, Pagalworld may seem to be a very alluring and useful website that offers free content and many users must be finding this very useful. However, this is a pirate website and piracy is a crime. the government is doing a lot to stop this crime from spreading. Still, they find ways to teach their users and stopping this is possible only if the users abstain from using such illegal sources. Piracy leads to great losses to the content owners and developers.

We need to spread awareness regarding this. There are many legal ways where we can get the same content through proper ways without causing loss to any section. We recommend our users to resolve to such legal ways and help the government end piracy. This article was just for information purposes and we do not recommend our readers to use Pagalworld at all.


Movie piracy is an illegal act and PagalWorlds is an illegal website. Awaaaz not at all favours downloading movies from such illegal sources and encourages the users to prefer the legal ways. This article about PagalWorld was only for the information purpose without any intention of promoting the website.

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