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Moviesflix 2019 is a popular website used for downloading movies and games. It has movies including Bollywood and Hollywood movies to be downloaded. You can also find any Netflix movies and those who don’t understand English can also watch Hindi dubbed movies. Due to a wide range of content, it has become a very popular website for downloading movies. 

However, it is not a legal website as many of the latest movies are often leaked on this website. It is one of those piracy sites which steals movies and causes huge loss to the business of the industries. Many movies, including Hollywood movies, are available right after their release in cam quality in this website. 

What type of movies can be found in MoviesFlix?

Many types of movies can be found in Movie Flix. English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu are some of the languages. English movies dubbed in Hindi is also a popular category. Can quality videos of new releases are opposite very soon after the release of a movie? Cam quality video of Joker (2019) has been uploaded on this website just after a few days of its release.

Movies are available in all qualities 360p, 720p, 1080p. It has movies of many genres. Independent movies, short films, Horror, Thrillers, Romcoms and many more.  MovieFlix has more than 4000 movies in its library. 

You can search up its premium content and when you open the home page you will get a lot of movie recommendations. At times, it might even seem like Youtube when you come across the celebrity interviews and online movie premieres. Since not all movies can be premiered online they can be played in Windows Media Player or Real Player.

Download Games with MoviesFlix!

Not only movies, but you can also download PC games for free too! Popular games such as GTA 5, PUBG for PC are available on it. You can download the latest version for most of the popular games. 

How to download from MoviesFlix?

Downloading movies is easy on this website. But since it’s a piracy site, having a VPN installed on your phone or whatever device you are using is a good idea. Next Step, is opening your browser and an incognito tab. Then, Type “MoviesFlix” in search bar and open the website. 

Look for the movie or game you have been searching for. If you are not looking for a particular movie or game on this website then you can simply scroll through the movie recommendations. 

Finally when you find your desired content click on it. Wait as these websites take up more time to load. Click on Download. There will be various download options depending on what quality you want( For example you want to download in 1080p, then click on Download in 1080p). 

The download should start within a minute and in case it doesn’t, repeat the above steps and try again. Though this doesn’t generally happen, it would due to poor wifi or cellular data connection. So try to have a high speed internet available with you before downloading from this website.

Should you download from MoviesFlix?

This website is not legal and contains Pirated versions of Movies. Downloading movies or games from this website can lead to imprisonment or fine can be charged. This is the reason that anybody should avoid such websites at any cost.

There are many alternative ways to download or watch movies online that are legal and absolutely free. Also, nowadays a large number of audiences prefer online games as they don’t take up much storage on their phones and can be a good way to kill time.

A couple of years ago, the laptop was considered to be the only way to properly access the internet and play games. Nowadays, the mobile phone does everything.

What Piracy Laws is the website breaking?

India ranks No 4 in Online Movie Piracy in the World. That’s a huge number. Bollywood is the biggest entertainment industry in india that produces over 1000 per year and provoke about 2 billion dollars with the movies. In this case Piracy can be a huge loss. 

Movies like Udta Punjab and Paanch are some movies that were released in some websites even before it was released. Paanch was a special case since it was never released commercially but can be found in many websites online. Udta Punjab on the other hand, faced some serious issues. 

Section 65 A is a constitutional amendment (2012) that Protects Technological Protection Measures. This law makes sure that the owner’s work is copyrighted. In case somebody tries to deceive or claims somebody’s work, then they might be sentenced for up to 2 years of punishment with fine.

Another Act called Information Technology Act, Section 66 it is illegal to distribute copyrighted content online and violation of this act can make you end in jail for up to 3 years.

So basically, Such distribution of movies of any type of content is illegal and should be avoided at any cost. The Film-Makers work really hard on many contents for the audiences and this type of website can be a huge loss for them.

Legal website for streaming movies:

YouTube- It’s obvious to mention this website’s name when it comes to movies. You can watch movies for free online. However, you wouldn’t be able to download them.

Tubi- There are many types of genres available in it, like cartoons, horror, Romantic comedies, dramas, documentaries etc. Even some movie genres that are extremely unique like After hours and Best of British. So we can say that this website is quite modern as it has such a variety of genres. Movies like 

Classic Cinema Online- In this website you will be able to get a few free movies at a time but that doesn’t make it a dull website. There is a huge collection of Silent and Noir films available on this website.

Films featuring vintage stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are also available. One Advantage of this movie streaming website is most of them do not contain ads.

However the quality of movies is not that good and that is quite obvious as most of the movies are classics and in black and white. It is dope for a Classic Movie Fan.

Pluto Tv- It is available on Android and IOS and you are stream movies on a laptop or computer too. On- demand movies can be streamed here.

You can watch live tv shows and movies when they are streamed directly on this website. A variety of genres can be found here, like Drama, Comedy, Horror, Action, Documentary.

Fifty Shades of Black, Sahara, Beverly Hills Cop 3 are some examples of On demand movies in this website.

Free Movies Cinema- This website is being given a simple name and this name really goes for what is does for you. One unique feature about this website is ads aren’t a big problem here and they don’t keep popping up every few minutes.

However, Loading takes a longer time than usual so for impatient people, it can be a little frustrating. Not only movies of commercial genres like Action, Adventure , Horror, Drama are available but also movies of genres like Zombie and War are available and there is a huge collection of Short Movies.

Public Domain Torrents- This is a completely legal website and has a public Domain. There is a huge amount of genres to pick from.You can not only just stream movies online but can also download them for free.

Now, there are many problems like You can not stream all movies online and the ones you can’t stream can only be downloaded. Also, Not all downloads are successful and there are many glitches in it.

Vudu- Movies can be rented or even rented here. The movies are of high quality and all the latest and popular movies can be found here. However, not all movies are free and that is a big drawback of this website. Also, the movies that are free have ads in them that can distract the viewer. There is an option for renting or buying movies but you just have to go to the free page section. 

Legal websites for Downloading Games:

Ocean Of Games- This website is indeed an ocean of games and a paradise for gamers. The Games are distributed in categories like Survival, Action, RPG. But if you can’t find the game you want to download in this lists then there is a search box where you can search for it.

Steam- This website has free giveaways. It has over 113,000 users signed up. There is a community called GiveAway Group that is extremely active and giveaways more than 1 lakh games.  

Steamgifts- This is basically a community of gamers. After you become a gamer you can pay money for giveaways. Then you have to link your profile in case you need to contact someone.

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