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Jiorockers Movies: Download Bollywood and Tamil movies in HD 1080- 2019


Jiorockers Movies Download: What do you do on weekends? I bet that at least half of our readers are cooped up on the bed with a TV remote or their smartphone or laptop, to watch a movie or TV show that they have been dying to watch throughout the week of hard work.

Not a lot of people don’t like watching movies. And honestly, it is odd to find people who don’t.  research has been done on the effect of watching movies, and it’s proven to have a relaxing effect. Not just that, but a lot of the research also talks about there being a positive effect on the moral values of a person and even a child.

Watching movies is definitely a part of my weekend ritual. It serves as the best distraction from all the stressors in my life, and I am sure many of you all agree with me. It comes as no surprise then, that I am always searching for new and better places to watch movies (which is getting more and more difficult by the day)  

How to Download Movie From Jiorockers

Step1: Install VPN software to your PC/ Tablet/ Phone.

Step2: Open Incognito Window in your browser.

Step3: Copy the above mentioned link and open it into the browser.

Step4: Find your desired movie on the website.

Step5: Click on the download button.

Step6: Select your desired quality of the movie (720/1080/480).

Step7: Again click on the download button and download will start.

There are multiple streaming websites like Netflix, Prime video, hot star, and so on. However, these streaming sites require a certain amount of payment, which can turn out to be expensive especially after paying all your survival bills! It is impractical for us to pay almost 1000 bucks just to see some movies when we have so many different responsibilities. Besides, college students, who are the ones who love watching media the most, don’t have access to that kind of money. This makes it difficult for them to view movies.

From this need for a cheap (or completely free!) way of watching whichever movie you want to, came the advent of multiple free online websites streaming pirated movies and TV shows. These websites, however, are illegal and are continually being shut down by the government. Therefore, it is difficult to find a site that is up and running.

And beyond this I also find it highly disrespectful to all those directors and filmmakers who spend years or at least many months shooting very expensive films, just to have their profits being cut down by some people who refuse to pay a certain amount. It is unethical on our part as viewers and piracy are thus frowned upon by the art industry, for good reason.

Download Movies

That being said, I also understand that not everyone has the means to pay even that amount, and everyone needs some entertainment in their life! A Netflix subscription of Rs 800 per month can buy an entire week of groceries at some households. Besides the collection on such streaming sites is highly limited.

This website review is for those who love watching South Indian (especially Telugu) movies. Jio rockers are piracy website, exclusively for Telugu movie fans, and very few Tamil movie fans. This article will highlight a detailed review of the site, instructions on how to download movies and a list of some of the movies I recommend our readers, and think are worth a watch.

What is Jiorockers?

Jiorockers is an illegal website where you can find the latest pirated Telugu language movies and Telugu dubbed movies online for free, without any hidden payments. It was created out of the need to provide free movies to all those who cannot afford to splurge on other legal streaming sites.

Review for Jio rockers

Like all other such streaming sites, Jio rockers also comes as a boon to all those in need of a quick fix for a movie. The site mainly consists of just Telugu Language movies and a few Telugu dubbed movies.

This movie comes as a boon to all those south Indian movie lovers. There is a very selected catalogue to select from however and that is a major downer about the site. There are just around 7-8 pages of movies to choose from and that is rather less when we consider the number of movies made in the Telugu film industry.

For those who are always in a hurry, this site is just for you guys. If you wish to save a movie and watch it later, there is an option to do so. You can just download the movie from the various mirror links provided and save it onto your chosen device. There are also multiple links to choose from for every movie that you select.

This is done because many a time the link you choose to download from turns out to be shut, because of the government shutting them down. All you have to do is choose the right link, which works and has good quality picture, and proceed.

This site will also be very popular among students since it is free. Students and especially college going crowd ae the savviest about movies but unfortunately this is also the crowd who doesn’t have access to credit or debit cards to pay for streaming sites. This site is therefore very popular amongst them.

The quality of the picture differs from media to media and also depends on the link which you chose for download. It can range from 1080p to the camera quality depending on how new the film is.

The general rule is that if it’s one of the latest movies, the quality is going to be worse than a movie released much earlier since these kinds of movies are usually recorded on phone cameras by the theatre-going crowd, and released/ leaked online. When it comes to choosing the appropriate ink, some links have a better quality than others. That has just got to do with the secondary sites from which they extract files.

The user interface, is very unattractive, to say the least. It is very irritating to steer around a site, which looks so visually unappealing. The search bar is on the top right corner and very difficult to find at first glance. When you first look at the web page, it seems like you landed on the wrong site, but well, you are here! There is definitely scope for improvement on the user interface!

There is, however, a rather useful feature where you can search for movies instead of going through the whole list, something which is not present in a lot of the sites. This makes it easier to search whether the movie you are searching for is present or not!

The other negative for this site, is the incessant number of advertisements that keep popping up even if I so much as move my cursor. They are present whenever I click on something and can be very bothersome after using the site for some time. However, this is a major problem with all piracy websites and nothing can be done about it. These advertisements are the only source of income for the owners of such sites as the content is absolutely free for all its owners.

Famous Movies Available on JioRockers

Although the catalog is pretty selective and restricted mainly to South Indian movies(mostly Telugu) there are a lot of movies that are worth a watch. These are some of the movies that have enjoyed in the past and are also popular enough to be worth a mention. The movies have been divided according to the year for convenience.

Bollywood Movies

  • Dream Girl
  • Saaho
  • Pal Pal Dil Ke Pas
  • The Zoya Factor
  • War
  • Article15

Telugu 2019 movies

  • Boy
  • Kanchana 3
  • Mr KK
  • Chinni Krishnudu

Telugu 2018 movies

  • Ego
  • Sharabha
  • Manu
  • Tik tik tik

Telugu 2017 movies

  • Veedu vadu
  • June 1.43
  • Prema leela peli gola
  • 465

Telugu 2016 movies

  • Rayudu
  • Abhinetri
  • Dangal
  • Darling 2

Telugu 2015 movies

  • Asuru
  • Bahubali
  • Bajirao Mastani (dubbed)
  • Beeravu

Telugu 2014 movies

  • Ala ela
  • Bang Bang
  • Brother of Bommali
  • Happy new year

Telugu 2013 movies

  • Alias Janaki
  • Biriyani
  • Vishwaroopam

Telugu 2012 movies

  • 3
  • Eega
  • Gabbar singh
  • Julayi

Telugu 2011 movies

  • Badrinath
  • Dookudu
  • Seema tapakai
  • Teen maar

Telugu 2010 movies

  • Khaleja
  • Orange
  • Robo

And many more……

New link to Jiorockers website

Since this site is illegal to watch, the government can shut it down at any time. Therefore many links are created in order to keep the site open when one is shut. It should, however, be noted that the link is the latest one as of the date of the article, and can be shut down at any point of time.  The various latest mirror links of Jiorockers are: Dongomovies.info

Jiorockerss.info Jiorockers.biz
Jiorockers.vip Jiorockers.fun
Jiorockers.net Kothamovies.com
Jiorockers.in Jiorockers.com
Jiorockerss.net Jiorockers.xyz

Any of these links will lead to the same price.

How To Download Movies on Jiorockers?

Although it is very easy to use the site, just for convenience sake, here is a process that needs to be followed to download content from here:

  1. Go to any of the links listed above
  2. Choose the movie you wish to watch. If you aren’t able to find a good movie or have a specific movie in mind, you can search for it on the search bar on the top right of the page.
  3. Once you have chosen the movie click on it
  4. You will be redirected to the download options page
  5. Choose the format of download and the mirror link you wish to download from
  6. Click on the link once you have made sure you have a proper internet connection and enough storage space on your device.
  7. Wait for the download to complete. Click on the downloaded file and enjoy your movie!

Note to the user- you can use any torrent application to download the movie, for a more faster and efficacious download

Is Parental Guidance is Needed For Children?

Although no explicit warning has been issued on the site, it always better for parents to keep an eye out on what your kids are using the site for. Some of the movies on the site are adult-rated and not recommended without the parent’s supervision. Also, some of the advertisements are not suited for children and can have a negative effect on them.

Where can you view this content?

No flash is required to view or download the content from this site, and therefore you can use any kind of device to use this site. You can use your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Other alternative sites to Jiorockers

There are many other sites to watch movies. They are the other sites you can watch content for free. Since Jiorockers is a mainly for Telugu movies and movies dubbed in Telugu, and has a pretty limited catalogue, it brings out the need for other sites for those who either don’t like Telugu movies or don’t understand the language. So here is a small list of websites:

  1. Fmovies
  2. Tamilrockers
  3. Tamilyogi
  4. Extramovies
  5. Filmywap
  6. 9xmovies
  7. Madrasrockers

Why Shouldn’t We be Using Jiorockers?

  1. The most important reason is that it is illegal. The risk is always present
  2. Users are highly susceptible to the wide array of hackers
  3. Your personal information is vulnerable
  4. It is generally unsafe for the device. The device can be seeded with all kinds of viruses.
  5. The use of such sites is highly disrespectful to the artistic community of filmmakers. Millions of dollars are used in the production of the movies, and piracy steals from a significant profit   


Although I have mentioned most of the details on the site, for those in a hurry here is a brief summary:

  1. Jiorockers is a pirated content website which provides free Telugu language movies and Telugu dubbed movies. The latest links are provided above.
  2. Content can be downloaded in the chosen format
  3. The most negative feature about the site is the incessant amount of advertisements played
  4. Caution must, however, be exercised while making use of these kinds of sites as the user’s personal information is vulnerable to hackers and the device is vulnerable to viruses
  5. The use of a VPN is recommended to hide the identity of the person
  6. The use of these kinds of sites should be kept to the minimum because of all the risks associated with it.


Movie piracy is an illegal act and Extra Movies 2019 is an illegal website. Awaaaz not at all favours downloading movies from such illegal sources and encourages the users to prefer the legal ways. This article about Jiorockers was only for the information purpose without any intention of promoting the website.