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FZmovies: Download Bollywood and Hollywood movies in HD 2019


FzMovies 2019 Movies: Movies, TV shows, Podcasts… who doesn’t love them? They are probably the greatest inventions of mankind (sorry for the hyperbole). Movies of all kinds, horror, romance, comedy, drama, documentaries, mysteries… and so on, are loved by one and all. In fact, very few people have claimed to not like movies.

We all spend our weekends watching at least one movie or a few episodes of your favourite TV shows. They are the greatest break from your everyday life and the work stressors. Every time I am stressed? I watch an episode of Glee to lift my mood.

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Not only are they great entertainers, but researchers have also shown that movies can have a very positive effect on those who face more than normal amounts of anxiety, by calming their nerves.

They have also been shown to have a very positive effect on the moral values of children. It has been shown that a movie which takes an antibullying approach, is shown to make kids less likely to bully others later in their life. So, they are not just a waste of time after all!     

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Because everyone loves watching movies, and they are available in theatres only for brief periods, many streaming sites were born. Many famous sites like Netflix, HBO, Prime Video and Hotstar are available for the viewer’s perusal, at a cost, however.

This cost can turn out to be quite a lot and prove to be a burden on our wallets. Netflix charges Rs 800 per month! That’s a lot of money for someone who is surviving paycheck to paycheck!

To get rid of the charges associated with watching movies and TV shows, began the advent of multiple sites offering the same pirated content as these streaming sites.

But, for free! There are no hidden payments, and they offer an amazing catalogue of all the movies you can think of. There are over 100 such sites on the internet. These are however completely illegal to use and hence not very safe. The risk associated should also be calculated.

Also, these sites are very disrespectful to the community of actors and filmmakers who spend tremendous amounts of money and energy into making the films we so adore and love. These sites take copywritten content illegally and post it online, thus impinging on their profit margins.

But since the streaming sites charge such a high amount, it is understood as to why these sites are so popular. Especially if you are struggling to pay for your survival bills. I mean everyone needs entertainment in their lives!

In this article, to help out our viewers, I am going to highlight the details of a rather popular piracy site- FZmovies. This site can let you watch many Hollywood and Bollywood movies. This article will contain a detailed review of the website, the latest links, how to download content and a list of movies I think will be worth a watch!

What is FzMovies?

FZ movies is a piracy website offering free content to all its users. It offers a catalogue of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. It is, however, illegal to use.

Review for FZ movies website

FZmovies offers a large catalogue of different movies and TV shows. You can watch all kinds of Hollywood and Bollywood movies from almost any timeline.

The categories are very well divided, into award-winning movies and also divided by the year. The categories make it very easy for people to search for a movie they wish to watch in the moment. There is also a search bar to make the search even more easy for its users.

This site is especially useful to those who don’t have much time on their hands and can’t watch an entire movie in one go. You can choose to download the movies you want to watch for later. There are multiple mirror links to choose from. Each link has a different media quality and a different file size.

The file with a better quality has a larger file size. Because the government is doing constant surveillance of the internet, these links get deleted or removed as they do not comply with the anti-piracy laws of the country. Hence you must check to see if the links are working and then download the file. You just have to make sure that you have a strong internet connection and enough storage space on your device.    

The quality of media you choose depends on the link that you choose and also on the time from the release of the movie. The quality ranges from a 1080p to 360p. as a general rule, the movies which are movies recently, have a worse quality, as they are recorded on mobile phones and camcorders by the theatre-going crowd.

The user interface is completely uninteresting and not very well placed. The advertisements are not made for a younger crowd and are very crude. This makes the user not want to log onto the site in the first place.

Besides the user interface, the site promotes incessant amounts of pop up advertisements. Every time I so much as move my cursor, or click on something, an advertisement pops up.

It can get irritating after an extended period of time and cause the number of viewers to drop. However, nothing can be done about this and it is common to all such sites. This is the only source of funding the owners of these sites receive and they help keep these sites up for free.

These sites are becoming increasingly popular for college going students as they don’t have the same access to funds as the older crowd to pay for movie tickets and other streaming sites like the ones I mentioned before.

Such site are very difficult to come across since a lot of them are being shut down daily by the government as it gets stricter and stricter.

All in all, despite the incessant amount of advertisements and the bad user interface, this site offers a lot of good stuff as well- unlimited access to Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Categories available on FZmovies

The movies have been very well divided into different categories for the convenience of the user. Here is a list of all the categories available to make it easier for the user to browse the site:

Bollywood movies

  • Dream Girl
  • The Zoya Factor
  • Saaho
  • Judgemental Hai Kya
  • Filmfare awarded movies
  • Latest movies
  • By the release date
  • By imdb rating
  • By the most downloaded movies

Hollywood movies

  • IMDB top 250 movies
  • Oscar winning movies
  • Famous sequels
  • By the genres
  • Latest updated movies
  • By the release date
  • By the most downloaded
  • User generated movie lists

Famous movies available on FZ movies

There are a thousand movies available on the site, ranging from horrible to award-winning ones. Here are some of the movies I think are truly worth watching, divided into the categories they can be found under:

Bollywood movies

Filmfare awarded movies

  • Zindagi na milegi dobaara
  • Dabangg
  • 3 idiots
  • Taare Zameen par
  • War
  • Dream Girl
  • Judgemental Hai Kya
  • Dabangg3

Latest movies

  • Student of the year2
  • Bubblegum
  • Sangeet
  • Nazar

By the release date

  • Batlaa house
  • Mission mangal
  • Judgemental hai kya
  • Penalty

By imdb rating

  • Anand
  • Uri- the surgical strike
  • Golmaal
  • Black Friday

By the most downloaded movies

  • Dhoom 3
  • Dhamaal
  • Jab tak hain jaan
  • Grand masti

Hollywood movies

IMDB top 250 movies

  • Pulp fiction
  • Schindler’s list
  • The godfather part 1
  • 12 angry men

Oscar-winning movies

  • 12 years a slave
  • Moonlight
  • The shape of water
  • Birdman

Latest movies

  • The narcissists
  • The ladyworld
  • Toys and pets
  • Exit through the gift shop

By the release date

  • Witches in the wood
  • Doll cemetery
  • Angel has fallen

By the most downloaded movies

  • Iron man 3
  • Twilight- the breaking dawn part 2
  • 300 the rise of an empire
  • Suicide squad

User-generated movie lists

  • American pie (all parts)
  • The marvel cinematic universe
  • The extended DC universe
  • The fast and the furious (all parts)

New links 2019 for FZmovies

Since the site is illegal, the government is constantly shutting it down. Hence there have been multiple links in the past to access this site. The latest link for the site in 2019 at the time this article was written is https://fzmovies.net/.

It should be noted that since the anti-piracy committee is constantly searching for such sites, and shutting them down almost on a daily basis, this site has had many hits in the past, and will continue to do so. Hence, the link provided above can shut down and any point in time and become unavailable.

How to download using the site?

Although the user interface is easy to understand, and created in a way to make it simpler to access, the user should have no problem trying to figure out how to download content. However, for your convenience, here is a list of things you need to do to download anything :

  • Log onto the latest link for the site https://fzmovies.net/
  • Choose the movie you wish to watch. The categories are divided in subcategories. There is also an option to filter the kind of movie you want by the actors, director, date of release and genre. You can also use the search bar at the top of the page in case you have something specific in mind.
  • Choose the link you wish to use for download. It depends on which one is working and the file quality and size.
  • Once you have chosen and film and the link, click on the link and wait for the download to start.
  • Wait for the download to wish and click on the file.
  • Enjoy your movie!

Note to user: You can also use a torrent to download the file, for a faster and safer way to store it. I suggest using a VPN while downloading and accessing the content, to protect the personal information of the viewer from the hackers. Also since its illegal, the true identity of the user is hidden when we use a VPN. There are multiple VPN applications available on Google play and apple sites. Most of them are available for free.

Is there a need for parental guidance?

Although there is no specific warning against children using the site, it is highly recommended for parents to track their kid’s usage of the site, because of the availability of adult content. The advertisements are of the adult variety and not suitable for children. Watching such content can be harmful to your children and their development.

Where can you view the content?

Since flash is not a necessity to watch the content, you can use almost any device to watch and download the movies. You can use your mobile phones, laptops or tablets to view content.

Other alternative sites to FZmovies

If you wish to watch something other than Hollywood and Bollywood movies, there are a variety of other sites to choose from where you can watch Tollywood and other South Indian movies. here is a small list to choose from:

  1. Filmywap
  2. Tamilrockers
  3. Tamilyogi
  4. Extra movies
  5. Movierulez

And many more….

Why shouldn’t we be using such sites?

  1. This site is illegal and thus entails a variety of risks
  2. The user’s information is susceptible to hackers
  3. The device can be seeded with a variety of viruses from the sites
  4. These sites are unsafe for a variety of other reasons and cannot be trusted
  5. Use of such sites is disrespectful to the community of filmmakers as it impinges upon their profits


Although I have mentioned most of the details on the site, for those in a hurry here is a brief summary:

  1. movies is an illegal piracy website to watch Holywood and Bollywood movies completely free.
  2. It is a great alternative to paid streaming sites and there are a lot of other sites like this one
  3. There are an incessant amount of advertisements, but it is a common feature amongst all such sites
  4. The latest link to the site as of 2019 is https://fzmovies.net/
  5. The list of some good movies to check out on the site by the category is given
  6. The user is advised to use a VPN to download content from this site to hide the true identity of the user and for safety reasons, the use of such sites should be limited.


Movie piracy is an illegal act and FZmovies is an illegal website. Awaaaz not at all favors downloading movies from such illegal sources and encourages the users to prefer the legal ways. This article about WorldFree4u was only for information purposes without any intention of promoting the website.