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Extramovies: Download Hollywood and Bollywood Movies Online

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Extramovies Movies: Watching movies gives everyone immense joy and is a serious stress buster. They not only provide entertainment but also provide us with replete amounts of information about various issues in the world and smaller bits of knowledge.

I personally watch movies on a regular basis and whenever I have a low mood. Everyone loves movies and the thrill it entails. No matter, what age or gender? However, the major hindrance in watching unlimited movies and TV shows is the increasing costs of movies tickets.

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Hollywood Movie 

Bollywood Movie

Although, there are many streaming sites like Netflix, Prime, HBO. Which charge a certain amount per month/ year to watch the content available on the site. In fact, the media is limited. Not to mention, but these streaming sites turn out to be a burden on your wallet eventually.

For all those who cannot pay the large amounts to watch a movie on the big screen. And extra movies come as a boon. Where you can watch a large variety of content for free. However, the content is pirated and comes with its own risks.

Entertainment at Doorstep

It is also a dream come true.  Those who wish to laze around on their sofa on their days off from work. And watch movies from the comfort of their own home. Especially, the student crowd is drawn to this site as they do not have access to debit/credit cards.  Also, they cannot pay for streaming sites.

However, such sites are frowned upon among the artistic society. As it disrespects their hard work towards the making of this content. Also, infringes upon their profits.

Warning- Pirated content

There has been the advent of many sites which offer pirated content for the above audience, but this site focuses more on the Bollywood and Hollywood fans. This is a dream come true for all kinds of movie buffs- the horror movie lovers, or the romance lovers- you will find all kinds of content over here.

Extra movies present a plethora of Hindi and Dubbed English movies. To all those Hollywood and Bollywood fans, this is the right site to go to! Extra movies is one of the older sites of its kind.

Here is a brief article on the details, review and the latest link of the site. There is a disclaimer towards the end of the article and a few reasons as to why it is better to limit the use of such site for the user’s safety. I hope you enjoy!

How to Download Movies from ExtraMovies

What is extramovies? 

Extra movies is a piracy website where you can watch Hindi and dubbed English movies for free. It was created with the view to provide the user with free content without having to pay any hidden fees or without registrations.

There are many sites like this one which provides similar content, but the popularity scale is not as high for the other sites. Further, after a recent swipe of the internet for piracy websites, many of its competitors were knocked out and removed for good. It is great to see the extra movies still stands tall.

ExtraMovies Review 

Extra movies provide what it promises- free content to all its users. There is a wide selection of movies to choose from- Bollywood and Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi. All kinds of genres are available from horror movies to the romance genre.

Latest Movies

The latest content is uploaded as soon as it hits the theatres. The Bollywood movies available are classics and provide a feeling of nostalgia to all those old movie fans. Most of the Hollywood movies have a dual audio facility allowing all kinds of users to access and enjoy them.

Quality content

The quality of the content varies with each movie and there is an option to choose what quality you would like to download the movie in (the better the quality the more is the space occupied by the file). However, the latest releases don’t have very good quality, as they are usually recorded through a mobile phone or camcorder in the movie theatres. The quality options are- 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p.

Easy download

Movies can be downloaded using the various download mirror links available. However, an adequately strong internet connection is required for downloading. In case you do not wish to download the file and store it on your device, you can also stream any of the movies online instead of storing it.

Ads and Pop-ups

There are many irritating advertisements though, which pop up quite frequently when using the site. Since these sites are free, their only real source of income is through the advertisements and pop-ups you see on the webpage. Therefore there is not much that can be done about these and only pose a minor hindrance in the way of unlimited entertainment.


This website has gained its popularity amongst students as well who cannot afford movie tickets/ the cost of streaming websites- the content is proof of this. There is a variety of animated movies which will attract all age groups, from children to adults. I mean who doesn’t love an animated movie!

User-friendly Interface

The interface is user-friendly and easy to understand and allows users from all language backgrounds to use it. There is a good quality of content on the site and it is replete with movies having high critical ratings along with the less acclaimed ones.

Extramovies Website

Content On ExtraMovies

The catalogue of movies available is large. When you go to the site, there are four categories to choose from to make it easier for the user to search for the movies he? She may want to watch. The categories are given below:

  1. Dual audio movies
  2. Hollywood movies
  3. Bollywood movies
  4. Animated movies (in English and Hindi)

You can search for movies in any of these categories. The content is aimed to please the North Indian population and certain areas of the south.

Famous movies available on Extra Movies

Some of the most seen movies are below listed. Also, divided according to the categories listed above.

Dual audio movies (movies available in 2 languages)

  1. Life ( English and Hindi)
  2. Hangover III (English and Hindi)
  3. Godzilla (English and Hindi)
  4. Avengers end game(English and Hindi)
  5. The breakfast club (English and Hindi)
Bollywood movies 
  1. Slumdog millionaire with subtitles
  2. Silsila with subtitles
  3. Tere Naam with subtitles
  4. Soldier with subtitles
  5. Mohra
  6. Mughal-e-aazam with subtitles

Hollywood movies 

  1. Bleach- English
  2. Exmachina- English
  3. Life is beautiful (dubbed in Hindi) with subtitles
  4. IP man 3- English

Animated movies 

  1. Green lantern- English
  2. Batman- the mystery of the batwoman
  3. Lion kind- dual audio
  4. Croods- dual audio
  5. Finding Nemo- dual audio

This is just a shortlist, and some of my favourites on the site. Besides this, there are many more with an ever-expanding list.

New links of Extra Movies

Since the use of pirated content is illegal according to the Indian Government, Extramovies, like many pirated websites has had to change its link multiple times. Here is a list of mirror links:

The extramovies.lifeextramovies.pw

The latest link is extramovies. wiki

All the above links are mirror links and will lead to the URL extramovies. wiki

How to download using the site? 

The site is very user-friendly. However, to avoid any kind of confusion I have laid down a step by step process to download the files.

  1. Type in any one of the mirror links and go to the site.
  2. You will see a wide variety of movies on the screen.
  3. Choose the category of movies that most calls out to you- Hollywood, Bollywood, Dual audio or animated movies
  4. There is also a search bar at the top right corner of the web page in case you have a specific movie in mind. Type in your choice and search for it.
  5. Once the search results have come in, click on the movie icon.
  6. There are several links to choose from to download the file. Click on the format you want the file to download in- 360p, 420p, 720p, 1080p
  7. Make sure your internet connection is secure and you have a strong enough connection and enough memory to store the file.
  8.  Wait for the file to downloads completely
  9. Once its downloads, click on the file and enjoy!

Link for VPN app from google play (android): Turbo VPN

Link for VPN app from apple store (iOS): Nord VPN

Note to user: You can also use a torrent to download the file, for a faster and safer way to store it.

Is parental guidance required to use the site? 

While there is no minimum age limit to use the webpage. So, it is advisable for parental guidance on children below 12 years. Because all kinds of movies are available on the site. Kid movies to R rated once. It is advised that parents keep constant vigilance on the type of content their child is viewing.

Where can you view the content? 

Flash is not required to stream the videos available. You can watch your favourite movies on your smartphone, laptop, tablets, and other methods such as mirroring to the television.

Other alternative sites of ExtraMovies

Even though I find this site adequate enough for my tastes, here is a small list of the many other alternative sites which you can peruse instead:

  1. Tamilrockers– for Tamil and Telugu movies
  2. Tamilyogi- for Tamil movies and dubbed movies
  3. Fmovies– Hollywood and Bollywood movies
  4. Dailymotion- podcasts, Hollywood and Bollywood movies

Why shouldn’t we be using ExtraMovies? 

Even though I myself use these sites, here is a list of reasons why I feel the use of such websites should be kept to a minimum:

  1. Using the site will be going against the law.
  2. Risky to the user’s personal information
  3. Makes him/her vulnerable to hackers
  4. Filmmakers spend crores of rupees to please the public with their ideas. Disrespects the hard work of the filmmakers and infringes on their profit margins. It goes against their artistic temperament.
  5. It is unsafe for the device. Multiple viruses float about in such sites which can seed into the user’s device at any time.


Although I have mentioned most of the details on the site, for those in a hurry here is a brief summary:

  1. Extramovies is a pirated content website which provides free Hollywood, Bollywood and dual audio movies for free.
  2. Content can download or streamed online as per the user’s wishes.
  3. Caution must be exercised while using the site as it is illegal to do so. And it is advised to have a VPN to mask their identity and prevent theft. An antiviral application should installed ideally.
  4. There are several mirror links which all lead to the main URL: extramovies.wiki
  5. I feel however that use of such application, besides their attractiveness, should limited to the minimum.


Movie piracy is an illegal act and Extra Movies 2019 is an illegal website. Awaaaz not at all favours downloading movies from such illegal sources and encourages the users to prefer the legal ways. This article about WorldFree4u was only for the information purpose without any intention of promoting the website.

Sites are illegal

While the extra movies can be a hub for all those lazy and broke enough to not afford or want to spend on movie tickets, it is our responsibility to let you know that such sites are illegal to view or use for all intents and purposes. According to the piracy laws in our country, it is illegal to distribute, view, or share content without the authority and permission of the creators ( piracy). This is a punishable offence can cost you a fine of up to 50,000 rupees with imprisonment.

So far, no arrests made in the general public in regards to breaking these laws. And they did not take very seriously. However, constant vigilance needs to maintain. Because the usage of such sites is still going against the Indian law.

Unsafe sites

These sites are also unsafe for the user. Also, it is advised that while using such sites, the user should use a VPN to mask their identity. And protect from theft. A VPN app can download from Google Play and the Apple store. The device of viewing should also adequately protected with antiviral apps. As there is a chance of seeding with viruses.