Digital India Portal, ‘New India’ Initiative by PM of India

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Digital India portal is a campaign launched Bethe government of India on 1st of July, 2015. Digital India is a programme to transform India into a digitally empowered society. It is an ambitious project that will benefit everyone especially villagers who travel long distances and waste time and money for various reasons. Digital India portal campaign was launched to ensure that the government services are made available to citizens electronically by improved online infrastructure and by increasing internet connectivity. The aim of launching this campaign is to provide Indian citizens electronic government services by reducing paperwork, improve work efficiency and save time. To create digital infrastructure,  increase internet penetration and digital awareness. There are 9 pillars of Digital India  –  Universal access to the internet, IT jobs, e – Kranti, e-governance, etc. The government believes that driving technology forward will really improve peoples lives in India. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accelerated India’s efforts to become the next global Hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship. More importantly, he understands the importance and diversity of technology. More than 15 – 20 Ministries of Government involved in implementing this program. Every Indian will have a smartphone by 2020. An appreciable effort to make this campaign was made by the chairman of Reliance Group,  Mr. Ambani who made a move by investing 2.5 lakh crores in the Digital India project. The success of this programme would be the dream come true of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi of serving the Indian people with e-governance.

What is Digital India?

It is a programme to prepare India for a digitally inclined future, information technology-based program. It is an umbrella program that weaves together a large number of ideas and thoughts into a single comprehensive vision is that each of them is seen as a part of a larger goal. It is a very effective and efficient technique which will save time and Manpower to a great extent.  This initiative was started on the 1st of July in 2015 to connect people of rural areas and villages with high-speed internet networks to access any information needed. This project is aimed to be completed by 2020. It is the programme which benefits both services providers and consumers. This programme has been accepted by multiple countries like United States, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam an various other countries. And the success rate of digitization through Digital India is better than any other digital programme and the basic purpose of it is to create a Digital infrastructure.

Initiatives taken by Digital India

According to Modi, the main aim of demonetisation was to eradicate corruption to a certain extent and to improve the technological status of our country by increasing the use of e commerce. Similarly this scheme was taken up to improve the connectivity in all parts of the country, especially the rural areas. The facilities provided by this initiative are as follows:

  1. Bharat net
  2. Digital locker
  3. E-education
  4. E-health
  5.  E-sign
  6.  E-shopping
  7. National scholarship portal

And many more….

For effective implementation of the Digital India initiative, the program has been divided into following three parts :

  1. The creation of digital infrastructure.
  2. Delivering services digitally.
  3. Digital literacy.

Vision of Digital India :


Infrastructures is a utility for every citizen. It has to provide high-speed internet as the core utility, then cradle to grave digital identity that is unique lifelong. Easy access to common service center i.e cloud storage must be there for the documents of every individual.


Digital empowerment of individuals.  Digital literacy has to be made,  universally accessible resources would be available all document certificates should be made available on cloud in various different languages.  Then collaborative platforms for participative governance.


1. To provide more and more information technology jobs to the citizens. 2. To ensure broadband highways. 3. To make access to mobile phones universal. 4. To make sure all the information is available online. 5. Less than 40 % of Indians have access to the internet as of today. It is important to provide internet access to every Indian. 6. The Internet can help people get better to advise on health services. 7. It can help small businesses. People can use online tools to increase their business effectiveness. 8. It can improve lifestyle right from basic to advance. These all points are favorable to India and digitization of India.

Digital India Programme and the Portal

A portal has been opened to provide many of the services under the initiative under one website. The various services provided by the portal are:
  1. Accessible India mobile app -This app is created for to forward equal learning opportunities to the special strata of society (people with disabilities). It helps improve the connectivity even across the most inaccessible parts of the nation.
  2. Agrimarket App -This is an app to make agricultural information accessible to farmers from all over the nation
  3. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao -This works against female infanticide and
  4. BHIM -This app is designed to simplify payment transactions, in a safe and efficient way.
  5. Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Services -An IT detection networking app to enable criminal activity tracking
  6. Digital AIIMS -A unique health number is given to each registered name which is linked to your aadhar.
  7. Crop insurance mobile app
  8.  E- granthalaya – Many in house library service and online memberships
  9. E- panchayat- helps the panchayats of the most remote villages to communicate with one another
  10. E-biz – to improve the business efficiency of the country
  11. ECI EVM tracking- poll tracking app
  12. Edistrict- efficient and interesting way of sharing greetings to your family and friends on vaious government holidays
  13. Ehospital- management of multiple hospitals efficiently anf makes communications between them easier
  14. eMSIPS
  15. eNAM- agriculture market
  16. ePathshala- provides all kinds of educational textbooks and information
  17. EPFO web portal
  18. eVisa
and many more….. The portal has many of the most popular services provided by the scheme under the same website. You need to register to be able to access the services on the website:

Digital India Platform

The digital India platform is an initiative under the Digital India scheme in order to recruit more people into extending the benefits of the initiative to all part of the country, and provide incentives to the contributors. You can contribute by registering onto the site: This initiative was taken up by the Digital India scheme to digitize the data and reduce the paper load in the government office. It is a way to reduce the paper documents to snippets and convert it to digital documents. You can also submit your own government documents for digitalisation to reduce the document load. How to register and contribute?
  1. Log onto the website
  2. Register as a user and fill in all the details asked
  3. Log in with the username and password
  4. You will be given the work to be digitalise
  5. There will be editors who will review your work, and correct the accuracy.
  6. You will be rewards by payment accordingly

Digital Payments

Digital payment is another addition to digital India to aid cashless and paperless transactions between two parties. It was undertaken to fight the evil of corruption and to forward the use of E commerce even in rural areas. The site of information for the online payments is It provides a UPI to each registered person and provides services like Mobile banking, Internet banking, wallets, micro ATM, ATM online cards, etc.

Digital India Logo

Digital India Slogan

The slogan of the digital India initiative is “Power to Empower”

Digital India Registration Process

Step 1 Go to the website of the digital India platform Step 2 Click on the “register” option Step 3 The registration form will come up and ask basic details like name, gender, age, address, the aadhar number. Choose a username and password for your account. Click on the “agree to terms and conditions” and submit. Step 4 Once you are done registering, click on the log In button and log into the site. You can then choose what service you wish to utilise.

Benefits of digital India

  1. Cashless transactions- alleviating corruption
  2. Paperless documents- easy accessibility
  3. Connectivity between all parts of the country is improved
  4. Education status is improved
  5. Easier access to all kinds of information

Disadvantages of Digital India

  1. Not every one, especially the rural area population, knows how to use digital devices to access this
  2. Network connection is still not available everywhere
  3. Lack of research on the benefits

PM Narendra Modi’s Speech at the launch of Digital India :


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