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9xMovies 2019 Website: Movies are an essential source of entertainment for all of us. We have grown up watching movies no matter what genre. In childhood, the only source of watching movies was changing channels for hours until you find a bearable one. Now times have changed and we live in a world where technology is more needed than oxygen to survive. There are various sources for watching movies.

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There are websites such as  9X movies where you can find any type of movie you like in any type of language such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English etc. 9X movies is a website from where you can download movies but illegally. This website has become a problem for producers because movies aren't safe before it's released anymore and can be uploaded online and you can download movies in every language suggest Hindi, English Telugu, Tamil etc.

Leaked Movies on 9xMovies

Avengers End game 2019 was released in this website before it's the original release. You can also find Hindi dubbed movies that are in English. The quality of movies is becoming better and better day by day. Movies such as City of Gold, Super 30, Kabir Singh were leaked on this website after a few hours of its original release. Many efforts have been made by the government to stop this website, however, they keep changing their domain names making it hard to track them.

It is generally assumed that the people who run this website are actually very qualified and young people who have big degrees with themselves. Downloading movies from this website is actually easy but due to the movie producers been quite angry with these websites, Google has now removed it from coming in the front pages of the search engine. So you might not find this website directly on the pages of Google however this is still circulated in Telegram messenger and some other social media Platforms.

To actually download movies from this website is easy after you actually find this website because the instructions are mentioned on the bottom of it.

It's an illegal website as it has faced a penalty several times and due to this the main members and the team of this website changed their URL several times. It has been changed a lot. Advantage of this website is you don't have to sign up Before downloading movies.

What Movies are found in 9xMovies?

You will find a varied range of movies. From Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, English. You will find English movies like Hindi dubbing. You can even find movies like "Paanch" directed by Anurag Kashyap that was never released in the theatres. The movie was extremely controversial and therefore never released.

Should you download or stream movies?

In 9xMovies, you get two options to either download a movie or watch it online but the decision to either watch it online or downloading it totally depends upon your storage space and internet speed. If you have a very low storage space then watching it online is a better option however you also need a high-speed internet connection since if you're interested, there's been is so then the video my buffer a lot.

How to download free movies online?

Once you click on the movie you will get all the necessary details you need to know about the movie like the IMDb rating, the quality of the movie, the size of the movie director, producer and the cast.

In some movies, you can find a screenshot of the movie to know about its quality. You will have two options, download or even watch it online.

It is still not known how the admin manages to get the movies and uploads even before its official release. There is no limit about how you many movies you can download from this website. There are many Hollywood action movies that are Hindi Dubs and can be downloaded for free. You can find movies of many regional languages such as party Malayalam Marathi Punjabi Tamil Telugu and even Urdu films that are in Hindi.

Others Websites for Free Movie Download

9xMovies isn't the only website from where you can download free movies. There are other websites such as 7 star, 123 movies DjMaza, Worldfree4U, Filmywap, Fzmovies, cat movie HD, khatrimaza, Movierulz, TamilGun, TamilYogi, TamilRockers, these are some of the Other websites that work as same as 9X movies.

This website change their URL multiple times, you may find it hard to find one website after another but generally, the new URL are quite similar to the old ones.
There are some of them:





















Is 9X movies legal?

The Indian government has clearly stated that downloading or uploading pirated movies is a crime. Anyone committing such crimes will face 3 years of imprisonment or 200000 rupees as fine.

The reason for piracy website being illegal is that film industries face a lot of loss due to Pirated movies. They spend crores on making this movie so it's better to watch this Movies in cinema halls or buy original CD or Dvd.

Should you download movies from 9Xmovies?

It is completely the choice of an individual if they want to use 9x movies or not. However, the use of such websites is illegal and should never be used. There are many alternate websites which can be used in place of it.

Is 9xmovies safe?

Downloading movies from such websites is a criminal offence. This can make someone face many penalties. So it is generally not recommended to download movies from this website.

Facts about 9x movies

  • One unique feature about this website is you don't have to register for it to download movies.
  • You will not find this website on the first or second page after you search for it.
  • For downloading movies users have to click on download and wait for the download to start.
  • After you click on the movie, you will have some information about it and some screenshots too so that you can get a better idea about the quality of the movie.

Safe websites for downloading movies

If a problem is pointed out then a solution should also be introduced. So here are some safe websites for downloading movies.


On YouTube you can find all type of videos and it is the ultimate entertainer however YouTube also features 100 complete feature and movies and it is said to be one of the best movie e streaming sites and the best thing about it is that it is completely free of cost and good for anybody who cannot access Premium for websites like Netflix and hello can find serial app of movies.


The best thing about this website is that it is free of cost in India but you have to pay for it in the USA. There are several famous movies such as Housefull, Kabil, Jolly LLB, Bodyguard and more it is a very beautiful science not only movies you can even watch TV shows, sports and news.


As the name States this website has a lot of classic movies and even some TV shows in the public domain not only that it also has Android app which is a nice thing because if you are a busy person who does not have much time to watch movies on their laptop for computer then you can just take your phone and was who is even during travelling this website contains a variety of opportunities like adventure comedy crime cartoons science fiction horror war drama and western side is available in every country.

Pluto TV big

The website has a more of a traditional vibe in it but still, it is really many users favourite. It offers a variety of channels of more than 75 and they are divided into many categories, such as a computer, tech, sports and other sections. It is common sense if you live in the US. But if you don't live in the US, you can use proxy or VPN. If you are from any other place where was generally the website works worldwide.


This website is quite unique because their features free movies, independent movies and even some funny stand up comedy videos. It has a variety of movies that's why it's named movies found online and another good thing about this website is that it has is availability on everywhere.


Is website has 4000 campuses and public libraries vol white even though it is mostly in the US.


This website is similar to youtube. Desh website has a clear layout that gives a beautiful experience this website features many short films it is available everywhere in this world .There is also a demand contents section where you can pay for whatever you want to watch.


The full name of this website is is your internet video this website contains more than 1 million TV shows and movies you have to sign up on this website if you want you can add the movies you like to to the Watch Later list and watch it anytime you want.

IMDB Freedive

You might have already hurt about IMDB  and know that on this website you will find movie reviews where you can review and read the actual critics reviews. However, IMDB free drive is it is free to the people of us and the owner of fire TV it is mainly available on us.


It is a subscription based website but you can still find free content in it you can download more than 100 free movies you can also watch many TV series this website has apps for both IOS and Android it is not available in all countries but can be used with VPN or proxy.

Legal Torrent Websites Except 9xMovies

Internet Archive

The best choices are "Night of the living dead" and "The House on haunted hill". This website provides a large number of domain movies and shows.

Public Domain torrents

Public domain torrents have a collection of movies and tv shows in the public domain. There are many nostalgic videos like " deep red" and "Plan 9 from outer space.

Legit torrents

It is a legitimate torrent website. You will find a variety of movies, Tv shows, and there is a different category called Linux distro category.


Originally called Azureus which started in 2003. It changed its name in 2006. Vuze holds legal torrent files. You will find a massive amount of variety ranging from grindhouse movies to TED talks and more.

Linux tracker

It is open-source software and completely free of cost. For linux buffs, Linux tracker is a veritable treasure trove of Linux distros.


This website contents individual content. This website offers a lot of free but legal movies. It also popularises indie cinema and alternative flicks.


Like Linux tracker, it is open-source software and also a non-profit site. You will find " The New Yorker Out Loud " Podcast to Rev 3 games and TED talks.


More than movies, you will find music and live concert recordings. So if you are a music junk, then this app might be perfect for you.

Academic Torrents

It is an important area where data can be shared. It is a very specific website contrast to Public Domain Torrents, Internet Archive, Etree. There is a low chance that you will fill up your media centre and snag from academic Torrents. However, it is one of the top torrent websites of 2018.

Disclaimer :

The information provided here is only for reference purposes and we don't encourage piracy in any form.


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