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123Movies: In this world that has become mostly digital, entertainment is nowhere lacking in the pace. Movies and TV series have become a primary source of entertainment these days. No age group has been able to keep itself away from the world of movies. Many websites also help people in this hobby of theirs. On 123Movies, Download movies in Hindi.

But with the sky touching prices of the opening shows of the famous movies of the most famous superstars, many of the fans fail to grab the opportunity to watch the first-day first show of their awaited movies. Moreover, in ou busy day to day schedule, we hardly get time to go to the cinemas. And if someday we do get time, most of us will prefer to lie on our beds rather than going somewhere out of the house. 123Movies Download movies in Hindi.

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In previous days the only option was to wait for the movie to stream on the television or to buy a CD or DVD of the movie. But With advancing technologies, you no longer need to depend on CDs and DVDs for watching your favourite movies. Even after they are out of the theatres, you can always get access to all your favourite movies.

How to Download Movie From 123Movies

Step1: Install VPN software to your PC/ Tablet/ Phone.

Step2: Open Incognito Window in your browser.

Step3: Copy the above mentioned link and open it into the browser.

Step4: Find your desired movie on the website.

Step5: Click on the download button.

Step6: Select your desired quality of the movie (720/1080/480).

Step7: Again click on download button and download will start.

All you need to have is a good internet connection and a smartphone or a laptop or a PC or a tablet. And free movie download you wish to see will be available to you absolutely free of cost. All that is required is just a click on your device and the world of entertainment will be all at your service. So, Watch Online Movies on 123Movies.

This is the reason many fans wait for their favourite movies to be leaked online so that they can save their money and also the labour of going to the theatres. And surprisingly, the movies get leaked on the internet in a time period of just a day or two from the date of the theatrical release. 123Movies, Download movies in Hindi.

There are numerous apps and websites which let you download all categories of movies absolutely free of cost. Let alone movies, you can get all your favourite TV series, songs, videos at just one click on your smartphone. WorldFree4u is one of those websites.

Moreover, the movies that are still running in theatres can come handy to you as these websites offer the latest content and are well updated. Be it the latest Bollywood movie download that released this week or the Hollywood movie that made people crazy, you can get all in your hand that too absolutely free.

However, these websites are illegal and downloading movies in this manner comes under movie piracy. These sorts of websites and apps are banned by the government and thus you can never directly find them on the web or get their apps on the Google Play store where they run the risk of getting caught. We do not encourage readers to resort to such measures.

There are other legal ways through which you can get your favourite movies and we recommend you to use those. This article is just for information and knowledge of the readers. We do not promote the use of such banned websites by any means.

Internet is home to countless such websites who allow you to download movies for free and 123movies is an example of such websites. You can download all your favourite and latest Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies and TV series from here or watch them online.

Things You Need To Know About 123Movies:


123Movies is a famous website where you can stream the movies and TV series of your choice using any internet-connected device. The website is home to innumerable movies of all zoners.

The websites allow you access to Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies and also movies in other regional Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, etc.

Also, there is a vast list of series that stream on popular channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.

This website allows users to watch online movies of all categories including horror, thrillers, romance, comedy, adult movies, etc. You get a vast catalogue of movies and series on the website. You will find a list of such categories on the website.

The dubbed versions of the various films are also available on 123Movies and these dubbed versions are very famous amongst the Hindi viewers.

The website provides movies and shows in HD quality and the videos are not language centric. The user can watch Hindi Movies, Hollywood movies, TV series and many other available dual Audio Movies. It enables HD Movies to stream without compromising the quality of video and safety of their devices.

This feature of providing movies free of cost has really helped the website and the website today has more than one million users that use it to watch movies and TV series online. The most number of viewers is for Hindi movies and thus Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi or Tamil movies dubbed in Hindi have become very popular.

The website provides movies in high resolution as well as in low resolutions. Therefore the users can watch the movies and series according to the device they will watch the movie and according to their data availability.

123movies 2019

You can choose from the various resolution options available depending on your device. There will be no compromise on the quality of the video with the option you choose.

The website offers all the latest movies free of cost so that the users don’t have to go and pay for the theatre tickets. It makes sure to be up to date with the latest releases for its users.

Watch Online Movies

123Movies offers content for all age groups and all sections of society. Along with the movies in HD quality to be seen online, the website also gives access to TV serials.

The users of the website do not need to undergo any sign-up or login procedure. Thus, users can watch their favourite movies and TV series without hindrance. This is why 123Movies has emerged as a famous website amongst the pirated movie watchers. It saves the user from the cumbersome process of signing up using e-mail id or a contact number. And also, there is no risk as you don’t give any information about you on the website. Watch Online Movies.

Free Movie download

Along with providing free movies and shows for download or online watching, the website also provides short details about the various shows and films. This feature is true of help to the viewers. They will know beforehand what they are going to give their valuable time to.

The details include the IMDB ratings of the shows or the films, their release date, a small synopsis, and the time duration or the runtime. So, if you are in a mood to watch a horror film with your friends but are not sure which movie to watch, 123Movies will come to your help as the website will show you the list of numerous horror movies along with their synopsis. Thill will surely make it easy for you to choose from so many options.

With 123Movies, you can watch your favourite movies and TV series anytime and anywhere you want. All you need to have is an internet connection and a device to stream the videos.

Illegal site

The website and the idea of watching your favourite movies free of cost may attract many viewers. But again, this is illegal and banned and should thus be avoided. The filmmakers suffer a great loss at the hands of such pirates as the number of people going to the theatres decreases considerably due to such reasons. 123Movies offers illegal pirated content and has no ownership of the content it provides.

Problems with 123Movies:

Besides all these benefits and attractive features that tempt a user, a negative aspect of the website is that it hosts plenty of advertisements. In the course of downloading a movie or a video, the downloader will have to face lots of ads that become annoying at times. For new users, these advertisements can also become confusing at times. Also, Watch Online Movies.

Good quality

123Movies has established itself as a trusted website that does not compromise with the quality of its videos and is well updated but it is still not legal and thus the website may bring you a bunch of malware or viruses.  Any user should remain cautious while using such websites because there is nowhere you can complain in case of an issue. It is a recommendation to install proper antivirus and firewalls in the device that you will use for accessing such websites and such websites must be used only with a VPN.

Is 123Movies banned?

123movies website

Any sort of piracy is banned by the government in India. Many piracy websites, including 123Movies, have been declared illegal and that is why these websites have to work under various domains when one of their domains gets blocked.

Notorious website

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) had published a new list of “notorious websites”. This list had many piracy websites including the extremely famous PiratesBay. 123Movies was also there in this list of websites. In fact, it was listed as the most popular illegal movie site in the world.

According to the MPAA estimates, 123Movies gets 98+ visitors every month. These viewers visit the website for its illegal content which the website offers free of cost.

No right site address

After this list was out, 123Movies had published a notice on one of its websites stating a countdown of days remaining for the website. That time has come and gone. If you search on the internet, you will find that there are still half a dozen 123 Movies websites up.

Though 123 Movies put the notice on one of their websites, it has not yet taken back content. Most of the 123Movies network is still running, and various sites for 123 Movies, 123 Movies Hub, and Go Hub are all readily available.

Recently Leaked Movies

  • Dream Girl
  • Saaho
  • Pal Pal Dil Ke Pas
  • The Zoya Factor

How does 123Movies work?

These piracy Websites do not have a license for the content they show. Moreover, as their content is available free of cost, many viewers use these websites. And as a result, the owners and producers of the content shown by these websites suffer much loss. Therefore, such websites are at a ban by the government. So, 123Movies and similar streaming sites often operate in other parts of the world. They are often based out of countries that do not have strict anti-piracy or copyright laws.

123Movies has its own way to get over with the restrictions and laws imposed by various governments. Instead of hosting the pirated content on their website, they link to the pirated content. When a viewer searches for a movie or clicks on it, the content streams from a secure cyberlocker or another online source.

However, even if they don’t host the content, they have no license for the content that their website offers.

Proxy Sites of 123Movies:

Here is the entire list of subsidiary or proxy websites 123Movies

123moviesto.co watch123movies.com
123movies.ok 123movies.re
123movies.is 123movies.hub
123movies.domains new123movies.co
go123movies.co 123movies.domain
123movies.cx 123movies.sa
123movies.co 123movies.la

There are the proxy sites of 123Movies. All of these provide more or less the same content as the same idea. Also, the group of people operates all of these. These sites also offer a search bar for the convenience of the users. With this, easily get the movie they are looking for.

More Such Sources

There are other such illegal sites that offer pirated content free of cost. For example Jio Rockers, Moviesda, Tamilrockers, Madrasrockers, filmy wap, Khatrimaza, etc. All these websites allow their users to watch or download movies for free and thus are illegal.

We recommend the readers to keep away from such websites and stop helping them expand their illegal business. 123Movies, Download movies in Hindi.

Some of these sources are already in trouble as anti-piracy is all bent from head to heels to fight against this illegal practice of movie piracy. One of the famous sites, Tamilrockers has already been tracked down and some of the workers have also been arrested. This is just the beginning. It is indeed a warning to all who run such illegal websites that they won’t be able to flourish much now. 123Movies, Download movies in Hindi.

Legal Ways to Download A Movie

There are legal ways to download movies as well. Some of them are:

Amazon Prime Video




We advise the use of these legal websites or to go to the theatres to watch a movie. Though they cost a bit these are the right and legal ways. 123Movies, Download movies in Hindi.


Movie piracy is an illegal act and 123Movies is an illegal website. Awaaaz not at all favours downloading movies from such illegal sources and encourages the users to prefer the legal ways. This article about 123Movies was only for the information purpose without any intention of promoting the website.

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